Coast Guard To Change PFD Labeling

lifejacketsThe U.S. Coast Guard is making changes that will affect boaters at the Lake. According to a report, the Coast Guard plans to change the way our Personal Floatation Devices are classified to minimize confusion on current labels. The announcement made on October 22nd is leading to a new standards system that will begin to be implemented in 2017. Lifejackets Type I through V will still be legal. The previous system was labeled with a specific note to inform users of where and how to use the jackets. The new system will do away with the appropriate type labeling and replace it with a clear understandable reading to explain exactly what the specific PFD is for and how it should be used.

New Ivy Bend Food Pantry Under Construction

food pantryThe Ivy Bend food pantry expansion is underway after officials broke ground on the new building back in August. Charlie Myrick has been behind the building of a new pantry that will serve the community adding a 6,000 square foot building with a kitchen and a dining hall where residents can come to get their GED as well, he says it’s an exciting time to donate for many reasons

Myrick says the Ivy Bend area has seen several challenges over the past few years as it has the highest number of citizens living below the poverty level of all counties in the State of Missouri and at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Lake Ozark Takes Ownership Of Business 54

LAKE OZARK CITY HALLThe city of Lake Ozark recently acquired new property. According to a report, the Board of Aldermen have now taken over portions of the Horseshoe Bend Parkway and Business 54 which had previously been owned and maintained by the Missouri Department of Transportation. The city now has ownership of Business 54 from Bagnell Dam to Eagles landing with the exception of a bridge by JB Hooks. According to MODOT, improvements were made on the roadway as promised before turning it over to the city.

Rocky Mount Sewer Could Start In 2015

wastewater facilityPlans for a Sewer System in the Rocky Mount area are finally starting to show some light after several years of planning, applying, re-designing and creating the system to serve the lake residents. According to the Rocky Mount Sewer District, a bid process is underway and a contractor will be chosen by the end of November. Officials say the design of the system is completed and all permits and easements have been acquired. Once a contractor is approved, the RMSD and Schultz surveying and engineering, the firm working with the district, will begin working on a budget and securing funding for the first phase of the project. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that the Rural Development Agency acted incorrectly in rejecting a grant that the RMSD had applied for. The first phase of the system will serve 250 homes in the Lick Branch Cove area with construction planning to start in 2015.

Litton Case Continued Until April 2015

jamie littonThe trial of a Morgan County Woman being accused of helping her boyfriend kill her toddler boy in 2012 has been delayed. Judge Kenneth Hayden granted a continuance earlier this month for 28 year old Jamie Litton in Laclede County Court on a change of venue out of Morgan County, setting a new date for April of next year. The defense attorney Max Mitchell had requested the continuance because Litton is suffering from a medical condition that could be visible to jurors hearing the case. Litton is charged with first degree murder and abuse of a child.

Camdenton Police Investigating Internal School Theft

camdenton r3 schoolIt’s not what you’d expect to hear but it has happened. The Camdenton police department is now investigating a possible money theft situation that may have occurred internally at the Camdenton School District. According to reports, district officials at the school did an internal investigation before deciding to turn things over to the police in case criminal charges needed to be filed. At this time all parties are declining to comment until the investigation is completed.

Camden Commission Meeting This Friday

3734571-Camden_County_Courthouse_Camdenton_Missouri_CamdentonThe Camden County Commission is meeting this morning with a public comment period. Plans on the agenda for the day include discussion on a bid opening for the Sheriff’s department regarding security systems and a discussion on a no fee rezoning case. Additionally the commission will go into a closed session and will also hold a special insurance meeting at 1pm. The meeting starts at 10am at the County Courthouse and is open to the public.