Camden County Commission Discusses Unified Land Use Code, Things Get Heated

CAMDENCOUNTYCOURTHOUSEThe debate was heated at the last Camden County commissioners meeting when it came to making a decision on the Unified Land Use Code issues. Previously, discussion had occurred between commissioners on what to do with the ULUC but with no action being taken. The planning and zoning administrator Don Hathaway recently resigned from his position, but not before bringing up paperwork that could remove the costs associated with rezoning some properties that were inaccurately zoned when the zoning department had been created. Commissioner Luber was upset since he said that he had already suggested it but it’s just now being taken care of. Commissioner Frankin responded

The board went on to submitted a letter signed by the commissioners to agree with the idea that was sent in a press release send out yesterday. In an effort to ensure citizens of Camden County are treated fairly, the commission is suggesting changes to the ULUC that would allow any property owner who wishes to have their property re-zoned be exempt from any re-zoning fees.  The commission says this is a good faith effort to make corrections to prior improperly zoned properties.

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