Mitchell’s Take Plea Deal

mandy and garland mitchellA brother and sister whose murder trial was to be held this week in Camden County have taken a plea deal and are now headed to prison. Garland and Mandy Mitchell both entered guilty pleas on reduced charges for drugs in last year’s deaths of Fred and Carol Wilson in Morgan County. Prosecutors say the Mitchell’s drove to the couple’s home south of Versailles in February of 2013 looking for prescription drugs. Garland Mitchell was sentenced to 8 years while Mandy Mitchell received 12 years in prison. A third defendant in the case, 44 year old Derrell Spellmeyer from Eldon pled guilty to second degree murder and armed criminal action back in June and received two life sentences.

Four Seasons Wants Presence At P&Z Meeting

3734571-Camden_County_Courthouse_Camdenton_Missouri_CamdentonThe Village of Four Seasons is reaching out to their residents to oppose the proposed zoning changes that the Camden County Planning and Zoning Commission could decide on at their upcoming meeting Wednesday evening. At the Trustee’s meeting, Village President Arnold Sandbothe indicated he will attend the meeting and asked for more to be there. Previously the Village submitted several letters indicating the plans that Gary Prewitt has put in place for a convenience store and housing is damaging to the community. Some have argued that the Planning and Zoning Commission should not be hearing the case, rather the Board of Adjustments should due to Camden County Law since P&Z approved the plans already once before. The attorney for Prewitt has indicated they will file a suit if this does not go through.

Sunrise Beach TIF Remains The Same

sunrise beachThe Sunrise Beach Board of Trustees recently made the decision to keep the status quo in regards to the tax increment financing district at Sunrise Beach Market Center. The board decided to stay with the pay-as-you-go system rather than issue public bonds. According to state statute, a “TIF” district allows a portion of future taxes generated by a designated development to pay for certain project costs. In regards to the sunrise beach market center “TIF” would fund site development or excavation costs and professional fees.

Camden Sheriff’s Office Has Unusual Call

camden county sheriffSeptember is proving to be a busy time for the Camden County Sheriff’s Department. That’s according to Sheriff Dwight Franklin who says they’ve just wrapped up a major operation to nab drunk drivers.

Franklin says his department also investigated a false report of an armed robbery at Woods Supermarket in Sunrise Beach on Friday that has since been turned over to the Village’s Police Department for further investigation. Franklin says his deputies have handled a number of calls including some that you just don’t come across very often.

Franklin says he’s pleased with the performance of his department as it continues to handle a variety of calls.

MODOT Continues To Work Past Defeat

MODOT2Reaction continues to come in following last month’s defeat of the three quarter cent sales tax amendment for transportation. MODOT area engineer Bob Lynch explains the impact this will have on current and future projects.

Lynch says new projects that expand the current system such as interchanges and additional lanes will be few and far between until a new funding source is found.

Business Leaders Alarmed By Court Ruling

attorneyBusiness leaders in Missouri are alarmed about a recent state Supreme Court ruling that allows unlimited punitive damages in a limited class of lawsuits. The court ruled last week that Missouri’s 2005 law capping punitive damages at $500,000 dollars does not apply to lawsuits that make common law claims of injury, such as fraud. A representative with the Missouri Chamber of Commerce says the ruling is striking fear into the hearts of business owners. However, the President of the Missouri Association of Lawyers says the decision’s effects will be limited because the court’s ruling doesn’t apply to claims based on statutes such as human rights violations.

Represenative Hartzler Returns From Middle East

hartzlerCongresswoman Vicki Hartzler, Representative of Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District has just returned from a ten day trip to the Middle East. Hartzler had this to say about the increased threat of the terror group ISIS.

Hartzler went to the Middle East as part of a house armed service committee fact finding congressional delegation.