Seventh Person Charged In Beating Case

earl crosslandA seventh person has now been charged in connection with the robbery and death of an elderly man. Pulaski County Prosecutors have filed eight felony charges including second degree murder against 35 year old Earl Crossland of Waynesville. Last month Robert Willhite had been found severely beaten at his home and eventually died from his injuries. Others that have been arrested in the case include Vernon Dale Parker, Shawn Green, Jessica Berry, Roby Sapere, Thomas York and Melissa Winkle.

Asian Carp In The Osage River

asian carpThe population of a fish known for leaping out of the water is starting to soar across the Ozarks. Fisheries management biologist Greg Stoner with the Department of Conservation’s Camdenton office says Asian Carp fortunately are not in the Lake, but they’ve had a close call

Stoner says Asian Carp are in the Osage River and fortunately cannot go past the dam

Stoner says Asian Carp is a definition of the several species of Carp and that two of the species, Silver and The Big Heads are in the Osage River. Stoner says the best way to control the Carp population and protect Missouri’s lakes and rivers is to catch and eat them.

Ray Miller Explains Signs Of Heat Ilnesses

HEATWith temperatures into the 90s and heat indexes in the 100’s, it’s easy for the elderly, young and really anyone to suffer from heat related illnesses without noticing it until it’s too late. Meteorologist Ray Miller from the Weather Eye Weather center explains what to look out for if you’ve been in the heat all day

If you cannot cool down and your symptoms do not improve, seek medical attention immediately. It is also important to wear sunscreen as well to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful U.V. rays.

Kander Issues Investor Alert For Missourians

Kander_officialMissouri Secretary of State Jason Kander has issued an investor alert due to questionable ads regarding investments in variable annuities. Kander says there are some specific things people can do to make sure an investment broker is legitimate.

Kander says even though most brokers are legitimate, people should still be cautious and do their homework. To find out if a broker is registered with the secretary of state’s office, go to

Law Enforcement Support Amendment

police carLaw enforcement groups have come out in favor of a proposed constitutional amendment that they believe could make it easier to convict child sex offenders. At a news conference Tuesday at the State Capital, Prosecutors and Sheriff’s Associations lent their support for Amendment two which will appear on the State ballot in November. The measure would allow evidence of past criminal actions to be used in the prosecution of child sex abuse cases, even if those past allegations did not result in convictions. Supporters say if the Amendment is passed, it would put Missouri on par with rules used by the Federal Government and several other states.

Sunrise Beach Fire Sees Incease In Valuation

SBFPD W&B SmallThe Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District may see an increase in its operating revenues for 2015 due to an increase in the district’s total assessed valuation. That’s according to Fire Chief Dennis Reilly

Reilly says your taxes won’t go up but their revenue will be which will allow them to get more staff at their route mm fire house

Reilly says the travel times and run activity on that end of the district certainly justifies expanding the staff at the station on route “mm.”

Lake Loses Baseball Legend

jerry lumpeOver the weekend the lake area lost a legend in baseball. 81 year old Jerry Lumpe passed away on Saturday in Springfield, where Lumpe had been living these past few years. Lumpe played for the New York Yankees along with the Oakland A’s, Kansas City Athletics and finished his career with the Detroit Tigers. He’s best known for his outstanding glove and range and at one time he held the fielding record for second basemen. He still holds the record for most hits with the Athletics. A field was named for him in Warsaw several years ago where he came to sign autographs and thanked the towns people for their support. Lumpe was born in Lincoln and lived most of his life in Benton County.