Romney Wins Big

Mitt Romney wins big last night as he takes Maryland, DC and Wisconsin. Romney was expected to do well and win convincingly in Maryland and in DC but the race was up in the air in Wisconsin. In Wisconsin Romney wins by a 41 to 38% margin which really seems to solidify his status as the preeminent front runner. Santorum has focused his strategy of his home state of PA and plans to continue on.

Laurie Hearing on Churches in Commercial Zones

Laurie got a public hearing next Monday evening at 6, on an ordinance amendment that would make places of worship an allowable use in commercial districts. The proposed change would also allow religious education buildings or other associated structures, on properties zoned for commercial use. The change to come into compliance with federal law, which says churches must be treated equally to clubs and other social organizations.

Senator Roy Blunt Visits Lake Area Wednesday

Senator Roy Blunt will be visiting the Lake area tomorrow. He’ll meet with local leaders in Morgan County and discuss off-system bridge funding when he checks out the bridge on Crystal Road off Highway BB at 2:50 tomorrow afternoon. At 4:00, Senator Blunt will meet with Camden County officials and tour the Laker Fishing Tackle Company on Highway 54 in Camdenton. He’ll also be in Warsaw and Buffalo.

Senator Claire McCaskill will also be visiting visit communities across the state this month. McCaskill’s “Fighting for Fairness” tour will take her to in from St. Louis to Kansas City, including stops in Springfield and Sedalia.

Light Voter Turnout in Lake Area Elections

Voter turnout is expected to be light in today’s municipal elections in the Lake area. Camden County officials are predicting 12 percent of the county’s registered voters will go to the polls. Becky Farris is chief deputy clerk:

Those issues include a $5 million bond issue in the Lake of the Ozarks Fire Protection District, and a controverial sewer bond issue in Macks Creek. The polls are open until 7 P-M:

If you don’t have your voter ID card,a driver’s license or state ID card is also acceptable identification. So is a utility bill or payroll check with you name and home address print on it. And even if you don’t have I-D, you may still cast a ballot if two supervising election judges attest they know you.

Miller County clerk Clayton Jenkins is anticipating light voter turnout there, as well:

Morgan County clerk Cathy Daniels says she’s expecting about a 7 percent turnout:

That Stover school bond issue would raise the tax levy ceiling in the Morgan County R-1 district to $4 per $100 assessed valuation.

It shouldn’t take long to count the ballots tonight, as Becky Farris explains:

White Nose Syndrome

A disease that’s killed millions of bats across country has moved west of the Mississippi for the first time and is showing up in Missouri. “White nose syndrome” has been confirmed in three bats north of St. Louis. The name describes a white fungus found on infected bats that causes them to wake from hibernation and die after they fly into the cold air searching for insects. It doesn’t affect humans or other animals. But the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says the spread of white nose syndrome could impact crops because bats subsist at least in part on crop pests.

Election Day at The Lake

Today is Election Day. In Osage Beach, Mayor Penny Lyons is being challenged by local businessman W.W. Stone. Linn Creek Mayor Jack Thornhill faces a challenge from businessman Rich Janes. In Macks Creek, Alderman Jack Daniels is challenging Mayor Joel Stoner. Most of the other candidates in most of the other races in Camden County are running unopposed. Voters in the Lake Ozark Fire Protection District will decide on a five million dollar bond issue.

Schweich Audits Statewide

Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich uncovered what he described to be significant waste and mismanagement of federal funds by Missouri state agencies, which he outlined in his 2011 Statewide Single Audit. Schweich was very disappointed and said he hoped that the mentioned agencies are able to fix the problem. The audit uncovered inadequate accounting controls, including $184 million in improperly recorded transactions at the Office of Administration-Division of Accounting. Federal authorities required a change in disbursement procedures of allocating funds all of the states transactions were recorded twice in the state system which severely overstated revenues and expenditures