Linn Creek Police Want Everyone to Know the Dangers and Effects of Bath Salts and other Synthetics

Wednesday night, the Linn Creek Police Department is hosting a community awareness meeting to inform the public about synthetic drug abuse. Everyone is invited to attend. It’s a short presentation, followed by question and answer session, with a drug expert who can talk about the emerging problem of things like bath salts and K-2 and their effects. The meeting starts at 7 o’clock, Wednesday, in the Camden County Museum.

One of the Men Accused in the Killing of Friends and Family of Miranda Smith Due in Court for Trial

One of the men accused of killing Jeffrey and Glenda Smith in Phillipsburg, in October of 2009, is scheduled to be in court today for the start of his jury trial. 22 year old Jacky Wong of Springfield will face murder charges before 26th Judicial Presiding Judge Stan Moore in the Laclede County Circuit Court. Four men were charged with shooting the Smiths in their rural home, then shooting 24 year old Zachary Porter in Miranda Smith’s Lebanon apartment. Miranda Smith had previously been in a relationship with 25 year old Joshua Reyes, who pleaded guilty to his involvement in the case and is serving a sentence of life without parole.

“Operation Dry Water” Underway on Lake of the Ozarks

If you’re taking you boat out on the water this weekend, the Missouri Highway Patrol will be watching – to see if you’re intoxicated. “We do that day in, day out, but this will be a weekend that we’re going to dedicate some special patrols to try and bring it to the public’s attention more,” says Water Patrol Division Sgt. Jerry Callahan. The campaign is called Operation Dry Water, and this is the third year MIssouri is taking part in the nationwide crackdown on impaired boaters. More than half of the 14 fatal boating accidents in Missouri last year had alcohol as a contributing factor. Callahan says Lake of the Ozarks will receive special attention, because “it’s probably the single busiest body of water, so we see the highest concentration of boating traffic in the state,” according to Callahan. “So we’ll be having a strong presence, and hopefully boaters are heeding all of the warnings and using designated skippers.”

Camdenton Fire Department Seeks Donations This Weekend to Bring Firepup to Lake Area Kids

The Camdenton Fire Department wants to spread the importance of smoke alarms, fire escapes, establishing family meeting places and stop, drop and roll to kids. As cool as firefighters are, Camdenton’s Chief Drew Stark says Firepup would really drive the message home. Firepup is not a real dog, he’s a cartoon character, a Dalmatian, of course. And there’s a whole program with his image available through the National Fire Safety Council, but the only way to get the activities manuals, badges and hats is through charitable contributions. If you’d like to help them get materials for preschool through 6th grade kids to participate, donations go to the National fire Safety Council, through the Camdenton Fire Department on West Highway 54.