Mother Accused of Fatally Burning Baby in Court

Christina White, the 29-year-old Iberia woman facing first-degree murder and other charges for the burning death of her baby in 2007, is due in court this afternoon for a pre-trial conference at which a date for her trial is expected to be set. White is accused of setting fire to a blanket wrapped around her seven-month-old son, who died after several weeks in the hospital. The case was moved from Miller to LaClede County, and in January the state Supreme Court ruled White met the definition of mentally retarted and was ineligible for the death penalty. She faces life in prison without parole if convicted.

Filing Deadline Today for August 7th Primary

Today is the deadline for candidates to file to run for office in the August primary:

Morgan County Clerk Cathy Daniels says there was a rush of candidates on the first day of filing, and some additional candidates have filed since then:

Nearly 500 people have filed with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office to run for the U.S. House or Senate, state Legislature, statewide offices or circuit judgeships. The month-long filing period ends at the close of business today (Tuesday). The Primary is on August 7th.

Ft Leonard Wood Soldier Pleads in Husbands Murder

A soldier stationed at Fort Leonard Wood pleaded guilty today to voluntary manslaughter and armed criminal action for killing her estranged husband in March 2008. Stacy Powell was charged with first degree murder. The plea was part of a deal with Pulaski County prosecutors. In exchange for the guilty plea to the lesser charge, he’s recommending a maximum sentence of 15 years for voluntary manslaughter and a consecutive 10-year sentence for armed criminal action. A sentencing hearing’s April 9th.

Pre-Trial Conference Tomorrow in Christina White Murder Case

There’ll be no death penalty for Christina White, who’s pleaded not guilty to first degree murder and other charges. She was 23 in 2007, when prosecutors say the Miller County woman set fire to a blanket wrapped around her then 7 month old son. He died a few weeks later. There’s a pre-trial conference in her case tomorrow. In January 2012, the Missouri Supreme Court found White met the definition of mentally retarded, and wasn’t eligible for the death penalty. She faces a maximum life in prison without parole if convicted.

Man Rescued From Truck

On Thursday, Firefighters and a local resident, in Iberia, rescued a man stranded on his truck in the midst of floodwaters.
Around 5:15 in the morning, members of the Iberia Rural Fire Protection District were called to a vehicle in the water along Route A at Tavern Creek, about 3 miles west of St. Anthony.
When firefighters arrived, they found the victim standing on the cab of his truck, located about 75 yards from the edge of the water. The truck had been swept off the side of the road and was sitting in the current with water over the headlights.
The nearest swift water rescue boat was about 45 minutes away, so a local resident, Abe Falkner, offered the use of his boat to fire officials who decided to perform the rescue.
Firefighters were able to approach the vehicle from down current and come along side the truck. They told the man to put on one of their vests and then tie a safety rope around his chest. Firefighters then helped the man into the boat and returned him to shore.

Local 8th Grader Girl Wrestler Competing in National Championship…

School of the Osage 8th grader Kalli LaFrance is in Oklahoma City, Okla. this weekend for the United States Girls’ Wrestling Association National Championships. Kalli placed second in Missouri in the 120-pound weight class last month at the USGWA State Championships in Kansas City.
LaFrance will take on challengers from Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Kansas and two more from Wyoming.

Osage Beach City Park update

The Osage Beach City aldermen approved a bid to asphault several areas of the new City Park, bringing it closer to being open.
The vote to approve the APAC-Missouri estimate of $160,648.02 was approved unanimously. The work calls for paving the walking trail at Peanick, parking lots 1, 2 and 3 and the driveway approach up the hillside to the pond.
The board was given four options in awarding the contract. They were:
•Paving the walking trail and Parking Lot 3 (near the playground/city booth for Fall Festival.
•Paving the walking trail, Parking Lot 3, Lot 2 (large parking lot near fishing pond).
•Paving the walking trail, Parking Lots 2 and 3 and the driveway up the hillside to the parking lot.
•Walking trail, Parking lots 2 and 3, the driveway approach up the hillside to the fishing pond and Parking Lot 1 (the first parking lot on the right inside the main gate to the park).
The Aldermen first considered Option 3, but ultimately voted to go with doing all of the work this year, as a result of City Planner Cary Patterson’s comment that handicap accessibility is an issue and that “No. 4 will make the city legal with its own codes.”