School of the Osage Hosts Safety Docudrama

School of the Osage holds its biannual safety docudrama Tuesday morning, in cooperation with the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, Missouri State Highway Patrol, and various local public safety agencies. School of the Osage juniors and seniors will will reenact a traffic crash, complete with law enforcement and emergency medical services involvement:

Osage Beach Police Sgt. Arlyne Page says it’s designed to educate teenage drivers about the consequences of distracted driving:

It happens at 10:00 Tuesday morning (Tuesday) at School of the Osage on Highway 42 in Osage Beach … timed to coincide with Prom, which takes place next weekend.

Motorists Confused by New Traffic Signals

More “Yield On Flashing Yellow Arrow” traffic signals are being installed around the Lake area, replacing the traditional “left turn yield on green ball” indication currently used in many dedicated left-turn lanes. The goal is to reduce the confusion some motorists experience when the left-turn signal appears at the same as the green light for the adjacent through lanes of traffic. But as MoDOT’s Bob Lynch told KB on “Ozarks This Morning,” the new signals seem to be causing MORE confusion for some motorists:

When drivers see the flashing yellow arrow, they should yield to oncoming vehicles and pedestrians … before proceeding with caution through the intersection.

And the signals aren’t exactly new. The first one was installed in the Lake area last October, at the intersection of Business Route 54 and Route 52 in Eldon.

Local Government Feels Push From State Prevailing Wage

A Local Government is feeling the push from the state set prevailing wage. The Village of Four Seasons recently had a semi complete building that it held its first board of trustees meeting in. The Village of Four Seasons has to put the building together in pieces due to the inability to afford the state prevailing wages to renovate the building all at once. So the first meeting was held without any air conditioning or carpeting because those basic items were not slated to be in the original budget. There are plans to install flooring to be installed when funds are available to the local municipality. This all began as a multiple phase project with the idea of adding garages for the city’s generator and for emergency equipment. Due to the high state law minimum prevailing wages the local government could not hire local contractors. The projects initial estimates were virtually doubled due to the cost of Prevailing Wage. It will be awhile longer before the expansion of the original building is completed.

Weekly Road Work Tri County Area

Well its Monday and you know what that means, lets take a look at some roadwork for the tri county area this week.

Camden County-
Route 54 at the Route 5 Interchange in Camdenton – Sidewalk construction and ramp widening is underway.
*Traffic has been shifted to accommodate the installation of temporary barrier curbs in preparation for sidewalk construction across the U.S. Route 54 overpass bridge.

Miller County -
Route 52 between Route 17 and the Maries County line – Roadway maintenance will take place Wednesday, April 11 through Thursday, April 19.

Route Z between Route W and Route Y – Culvert pipe replacement in various locations will take place Monday, April 9 through Thursday, April 19.

Morgan County-
Route 135 between Route 50 and Route 52 – Roadway maintenance will take place Monday, April 9 through Thursday, April 12.
Route DD between Route 135 and the Pettis County line – Roadway maintenance will take place Monday, April 9 and Tuesday, April 10.

Route KK between Route DD and the Pettis County line – Roadway maintenance will take place Wednesday, April 11 and Thursday, April 12.

Caleb Dunnaway Benefit Plans Announced

Rough Water Dock and ReMax at the Lake are sponsoring Casino Royale Night to benefit Caleb Dunnaway who has been diagnosed with cancer.
The casino night will be held at Osage River Bar & Grill in Laurie on Friday, April 13. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and games start at 7. There will be a cash bar. Tickets are $10.
All proceeds will go to cancer treatment for Dunnaway.
For tickets, call Diana Beguilia at 573-378-3456, Cassie Collins at 573-569-3553 or Joyce Chorpening at 573-216-2354.

Four Arrests in Camden County Meth Bust

The Camden County Sheriff’s Department has arrested four people in a large meth bust, after a month-long investigation involving the Missouri State Highway Patrol. On Thursday they executed a search warrant in the 100 block of Peterson Circle in Stoutland.

Sharon Peterson, Timothy Chase, William Peterson and Kayla Cambell were found with more than 90 grams of meth. Sheriffs also found three children in the home. The children were turned over to the Division of Social Services.

All four people are in Camden County Jail and all face charges of trafficking and endangering the welfare of a child.

Their bonds are set at $150,000 cash only.