Early Push for State Internet Sales Tax

Missouri retailers could push this Missouri legislative session for an internet sales tax.

David Overfelt, the president of the Missouri Retailers Assocation, says more online sales are impacting brick and mortar stores and a state sales tax for online sales should be a consideration.

Overfelt says shoppers head to brick and mortar stores to look at merchandise and then buy online to avoid sales taxes.

Questions Raised About New Roads

Growing pains are already evident as drivers adjust to the completed 54 Expressway and the new 242.

Bob Lynch from MoDOT said on the Ozarks This Morning with KB on Monday that drivers are trying to find out if 242 saves them time.

Lynch was asked about lighting on the expressway, specifically if the Key Largo exit off the expressway might be brightened up a bit.

Also on the expressway, businesses are wondering about business district signage. Lynch says when MoDOT expedited its opening time frame the contractor was unable to match the pace.

Lynch says business district and logo signs will be up soon.

He appears every Monday at 8:40 with KB.

Cool Valley Shooting Investigation Continues

A Morgan County man is jailed on a $100,000 bond after a shooting Saturday on Cool Valley near Rocky Mount.

Forty-year old David Stanley of Jefferson City was shot five times early Saturday morning in the lower abdomen and legs after he refused to leave the home of 53-year old Jamie Rae Wixson.

Morgan County Sgt. Mike Neihaus says that Stanley and the woman left the scene and evaded Eldon Police before being stopped in Cole County.

Sgt. Neihaus says the investigation is ongoing.

Wixson is facing second degree assault and armed criminal action charges.

Lake West Transitions Dispatch Next Year

Lake West Ambulance has put the final touches on their dispatch contract with St. John’s.

Gayle Webb with Lake West says the Sunrise Beach operations will change over to Springfield after the first.

Webb says there should be no major hiccups during the transition.

St John’s already provides dispatch services in 10 districts in 14 counties including the Camden County Ambulance District.

State Road Deaths Continue Decline

Missouri is on track to its lowest number of highway fatalities since Harry Truman was President.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Tim Hull says road deaths are down for the sixth year in a row.

1949 was the last year that Missouri had less than 800 fatalities on the road.

UPDATE: Rocky Mount Man Arrested in Shooting

A Rocky Mount man is facing second degree assault and armed criminal action charges after an incident Saturday morning.

40 year old David Stanley, a visitor at the home in Rocky Mount, got into an argument with the homeowner, 53 year old Jamie Rae Wixson. Stanley was asked to leave the home by Wixson and refused. Wixson then allegedly shot Stanley several times in the leg and lower abdomen.

Stanley and a woman who witnessed the incident fled the scene were found in Cole County on Saturday. Wixson was taken into custody and is being held on a $100,000 bond.