Vold Resigns from Gravois Board of Trustees

The Village of Gravois Mills chair Brad Vold has resigned from the board. The reason for his resignation from the board is he is no longer a resident of the Village anymore. Vold who was a Gravois Mills small business owner was serving his second term before he recently moved out of the area. Vold was first elected to the board in Gravois Mills in 2009. Since Vold became a trustee it has become much more active. There have been many passionate issues that have arisen in the past few years. It has had ditches cleared out to prevent flooding, presented a 1/2-cent capital improvement sales tax ballot initiative, which was passed by voters. The board has also implemented noxious weeds and waste nuisance ordinances which helped get several abandoned or unkempt properties in town cleaned up.

Laurie Schedules Hearings on Proposed Use Tax

On Wednesday, August 1st and August 4th, public hearings on the proposed use tax in the City of Laurie will be held at City Hall on Hwy. 5.
The Laurie Board of Aldermen are asking voters, on August 7th, to approve a 2 percent use tax with the stated intent to replace revenue being lost from sales tax on out-of-state purchases of cars, trucks, boats, motors and trailers as well as in-state transfer of the same properties between individuals.
The revenue is being lost due to a recent Missouri Supreme Court ruling that made the collection of this type of sales tax unconstitutional for counties and cities.
The rate on the ballot would not increase the rate but replace the rate of the old sales tax.
Forty-one of the 114 counties in Missouri have passed the use tax including Miller and Benton Counties.

MoDOT Will Do Speed Study at Key Largo Intersection

MoDOT engineers, were present at the latest meeting concerning Key Largo intersection and had caught the committee up on the status of the Key Largo intersection. According to Bob Lynch, the last public hearing concerning this topic was well attended. Lynch said that MoDOT received about 80 comments from the public which MODOT read and took into consideration. Reading the comments MoDOT now plans to conduct a speed study stretching from the Key Largo intersection to Linn Creek. Perhaps the biggest change of note is no changes will be made to the intersection near Runabout Drive. MoDot also is leaning toward opening up Key Largo to be a right-out only intersection. This is much different then the initial response which was to close all intersections from turning left from Key Largo to Y rd.

Dog Creek Bridge Replacement Finished

A bit of good news for Miller County residents. The bridge replacement project on Route 17 over Dog Creek in Miller County is complete. The bridge, located south of Tuscumbia, was opened to traffic yesterday afternoon. Work began in June, and the Missouri Department of Transportation extends its thanks to motorists for their patience while the work took place. The bridge replacement is part of MoDOT’s Safe & Sound Bridge Improvement Program, which will improve 802 of Missouri’s worst bridges by the end of 2012. Currently, more than 760 of the bridges included in the program have been improved statewide.

LEDC Releases Study to BOA on How To Improve Economic Conditions

Laurie Economic Development Committee has been working hard to study and make the city of Laurie grow and improve. The Laurie BOA also had the LEDC study the economic conditions of other lake area towns and counties to see how of the city of Laurie compares. Chuck Chorpening a member of LEDC urged the board to consider creative ways to finance economic development. Chorpening explained why he believed Morgan County was behind in economic growth compared to the rest of the lake area. Based upon the last Census and facts compiled by the Lake of the Ozarks Council of Local Governments Chorpening said Morgan County is behind in all facets of growth from business to population and income. Morgan County’s 2010 population was 20,700, with an average income of $36,237 and very little major Business growth.

Windmere Camp Bus Reported in Accident

There are reports that a bus carrying children from the Windmere Camp was hit by a car this afternoon on Route AA. An initial report indicates that children were on the bus when the crash occurred. At least two people from inside the bus had to be extricated by fire crews. The two people removed from the bus had lacerations to the head. A Staff for Life helicopter’s been sent to the scene, and multiple agencies have responded.

Mark Black is Laurie’s New Top Cop

After 90 days as Laurie’s acting Chief of Police, Mark Black’s appointment has been made permanent. The vote was close at Wednesday night’s Board of Aldermen meeting. Aldermen Allen Kimberling and Karenn Dobbins voted to make Black the permanent chief while Aldermen Val Ites and Greg Lux voted against it. Mayor Herb Keck cast the tie-breaking vote, in favor of making Black the full salaried police chief.