Roy Blunt on NBC talks about Syria

It appears, at least for now, that diplomacy and not military action is the plan for chemical weapons and the Assad regime in Syria.  Senator Roy Blunt, speaking on NBC’s Meet the Press, says military action against Syria could still be on the table for Congress to decide at some time….

Blunt on the possible situation for Syria

Blunt says he was actually in favor of another solution in Syria earlier this year.

Blunt says he was in favor before

Blunt says the recent back and forth with Syria about possible military action could have an effect on foreign policy going forward.

Blunt on foreign policy

Blunt says it is still possible that the President could ask Congress for a vote on military action in Syria.


Missouri issues quarantine on wood to protect the Black Walnut Trees

The Missouri Department of Agriculture is enacting a state exterior quarantine to help protect the Black Walnut trees from the Thousand Cankers Disease.

John Hagler on what the disease is

Missouri Director of Agriculture John Hagler says there are easy ways to see if your walnut tree has the disease

John Hagler on what the disease looks like

The state’s quarantine program is requiring all states that have been known to have the twig beetle to not ship their wood through Missouri. From big business to individuals, anyone trying to ship wood from an affected state will be stopped. Hagler explains where these states are located that are presently affected

John Hagler on the states affected

Hagler say’s that we do not need to bring in firewood or any wood for that matter from other states and we should be focused on using the natural resources we have in our state in an effort to keep these beetles from destroying our woods. One state that is infected close by is the state of Tennessee. However, if you notice your tree’s having issues as he described that you need to contact their office immediately

John Hagler on how to contact their offices

Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska and Illinois have also adapted Missouri’s quarantine.

New Trial Date for Osage Beach Police Officer

It will be 2014 before an Osage Beach police officer will go to trial for alleged sex crimes that happened more than 20 years ago.  59-year old Richard Calvino of Camdenton was in court last week for a motion hearing.  His trial was supposed to start in May but was delayed.  The jury trial will now start on January 27, 2014.  Calvino is charged with sexual abuse, sodomy, sexual assault and two counts of deviate sexual assault.  Prosecutors say the victim told a therapist in Florida about the incidents that happened from January of 1984 to February of 1990.  The trial was moved from Camden County to Morgan County on a change of venue. 


Local Farmers Markets worry about new FDA rules

Farmer’s Markets around the country are continuing to survive by the support of the locals who enjoy the fresh and organic ways these farmers are making their fruits and vegetables. But new laws that could come as a result of the Food Safety Modernization Act could affect them in a big way says the organizer of the Osage Beach Farmers Market Nathan Bechtold

Nathan on what the FDA is doing

After 2 years the Food and Drug Administration is still not sure on how to implement the changes and they are looking for the public to give some input. Some of the ideas they have presented would govern the way farmers produce fruits and vegetables and it’s leaving many organic farmers worried about their future.

Nathan on what Farmers are worried about

Bechtold says that it’s important for all to voice their opinion right now with the FDA since they are accepting everyone’s input on the matter

Nathan on how to submit your comments

Bechtold says that the current idea is to regulate farmers in how the grow crops if they make $500,000 or more a year however he is worried that they will dive in deeper as time goes by, eventually trickling down to these organic farmers who are already working with little to no money and the costs of these regulations could cause them to throw in the towel completely.

To submit your comments go to

Chuck Chorpening Steps Down as Chair at the Council of Local Governments

The Lake of the Ozarks Council of Local Governments serves the community with regional planning for Camden, Laclede, Miller and Morgan counties. Earlier in the year they added a few new faces to the group including Linda Conner who has been with the council for more than a year but has now been hired as the permanent director of the group. Also they have added Tammy Darnell as a regional planner, Margie Adams as a fiscal officer and Pam Gilbert as the administrative assistant. But with all the new people, the board will now have to name a new chair of the directors as current chair Chuck Chorpening has stepped down. Chorpening cited the desire to “slow down” as a reason to leave the group and has recommended that Presiding Commissioner Kris Franken of Camden County be the new chair until the board can vote on their next meeting on September 16th.

Investigation After Body Found Inside Home in Camden County

A death investigation is underway after a body is found inside a home north of Camdenton.  Captain Kelly Luttrell with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office says on Sunday afternoon, they received a call about a deceased person at the home.  Deputies arrived and verified the report.  Deputies from the investigation bureau and from the Medical Examiner’s Office were called to the scene.  Luttrell says the investigation is in the preliminary stages and more information will be released as it becomes available.

Boat Explosion Injures Two People

Two Columbia residents are taken to two hospitals after a boat catches on fire and explodes at the Lake of the Ozarks.  The Missouri Highway Patrol says it happened on Saturday afternoon at Marine Max at the 17 mile mark of Pogue Hollow Cove.  A boat had refueled and was still docked when 44-year old David Thompson tried to do some maintenance in the engine compartment.  A spark ignited the compartment and caused it to explode.  Thompson was taken by helicopter to a Columbia hospital with serious injuries.  19-year old Brittany Bradley, who was also on the boat, was taken to a hospital with moderate injuries.