Kehoe and Lyons to Discuss Natural Resources Provisions

Missouri’s Sixth District Senator may take legislative action after a conversation with the Osage Beach Mayor.

House Bill 89, Senate Substitute number 2, was sponsored in the Missouri Senate last year by 12th District Senator Brad Lager. Natural resources provisions were modified when the bill was passed, specifically regarding burden of proof of damage.

Senator Mike Kehoe could amend the bill, removing the portion that says under current law, if the Land Reclamation Commission holds a public hearing regarding the issuance of a surface mining permit, the burden of proof is on the permit applicant to prove that the permit would not unduly impair the health, safety, or livelihood of any person. This act removes this burden of proof provision. Lyons is set to meet with the Missouri Senator before the end of the month.

Miller County Shooting Details Still Sketchy

Not a lot of details are known about the shooting this week in Miller County.

According to the Miller County Sheriff’s Department, gunfire rang out in the Town and Country trailer park  south of Eldon late Wednesday night.  Three people were shot and flown to University Hospital in Columbia in critical condition.  Four people were arrested.

One suspect in custody is a juvenile. All of those shot apparently went to the location with baseball bats seeking retaliation for an earlier property damage dispute,  and began to beat an older man who’s son came out and fired at the three subjects.

OB Adds Walks

Sidewalks will be added around the Osage Beach Elementary School.

The contract was awarded to Karrenbrock Construction Incorporated last night at the Osage Beach City board meeting. City Engineer Nick Edelman says the walks will cover some area.

The city will spend $210,000.00 on the job. The original city engineer’s estimate was $370,000.00.

Small Fire Causes Third Degree Burns

An employee is injured in an electrical fire Thursday morning.

At 7:45, Osage Beach Fire Protection units were called to a commercial fire alarm in an electrical room on the roof of Lake Regional Hospital. An electrical arc started a small fire and burned the maintenance employee.

The fire was extinguished prior to crew arrival. The employee’s hand and arm received third degree burns.

Maintenance Worker Burned in Small Hospital Fire

There was a small fire this morning at Lake Regional Hospital in Osage Beach. A fire protection district spokesperson says there was a short in an electrical room on the roof. It burned a maintenance worker and started a small fire. Maintenance personnel put it out, and the injured worker was in the hospital ER before firefighters arrived. The fire didn’t interrupted Lake Regional operations. The maintenance worker had 3rd degree burns to a hand and arm.