City Takes Step Toward Eminent Domain

An easement argument may lead to action from the city of Lake Ozark.

The developer of the Shoppes at Eagles Landing, RIS Incorporated, built an entrance road in an area where a neighbor claims a parking lot easement. Lake Ozark City Administrator Dave Van Dee says at the Tuesday meeting the city approved language that will allow them to secure the easement through condemnation.

Van Dee says the language is specific.

The city will wait to see if the issue can be resolved before they act.

Stealing Charges for Kansas City Women

Felony stealing is the only charge so far for two 23-year olds involved in a high speed chase.

Tiara Johnson and Katara Young of Kansas City are being held in the Camden County Jail after stealing from the Osage Beach Premium Outlet Mall and fleeing from authorities from several jurisdictions. Osage Beach Sgt. Arlyne Page says the Lexus with the two women violated several laws and put lives in danger for the roughly thirty minute pursuit.

Morgan County and state troopers located and arrested the women off of Route AA in Barnett.

The stolen clothes were found in a nearby barn. Traffic charges are expected soon.

Local Men Killed in Florida Boat Race

A gust of wind and a horrific crash killed two world class boat racers from the Lake of the Ozarks at the Key West Super Boat World Championships. Bob Morgan of Sunrise Beach and Jeffrey Tillman of Kaiser were both pronounced dead this afternoon at a Florida hospital.

Tillman and Morgan were racing Big Thunder, a 46-foot Skater, in the offshore event when the boat’s nose began to climb into the air. The boat went airborne and flipped backward at full speed. Its bow struck the water first, causing the top of the boat to slam into the surface of the water.

Suspects in High Speed Chase Identified

Osage Beach authorities have released the names of the two alleged shoplifters who led police on a high-speed chase thru three counties Tuesday. The suspects have been identified as Tiara Johnson and Katara Young, both 23 and from the Kansas City area.
They are being held in the Camden County Jail on one count each of felony stealing, with bond $2,000 cash and $50,000 surety. Additional chargers for numerous traffic violations are expected to follow. The pursuit, which started at the Premium Outlet Mall in Osage Beach, ended in the Barnett area.

Locals Present Information and Ideas About FERC to Congresswoman

Several local ideas may help lakefront property owners who are facing removal of their structures.

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler was in town Tuesday on a fact finding mission concerning FERC and their order which changes the rules of Ameren Missouri’s Shoreline Management Plan.

After hearing concerns at Lake Valley Condominiums and at the Camden County Courthouse, Hartzler says there is urgency.

Local ideas proposed yesterday included using adverse possession to claim that accepted and not actual boundaries that have been followed may give property rights to lakefront homeowners. Another local idea was to use state law which was adopted under planning and zoning rules in camden county to put shoreline management from the 645 elevation and up into the hands of the county. A final suggestion involved Cedar Heights Condominiums at the 2.5 MM of the Niangua Arm who applied to FERC back in early 2000 to move the boundary line.

Hartzler says the ideas may lead to further legislative action.

Nationwide EAS Test Today at 1

A reminder, the nationwide EAS test happens today at 1 o’clock.

Mike O’ Connell with the Missouri Department of Public Safety says to use the opportunity to think about what you may need in an emergency.

Again, all radio and TV stations will broadcast the test at 1.