9/11 Memorial Dedication Sunday at LOFPD HQ

A piece of the World Trade Center will be dedicated in a memorial on Sunday morning at the Lake Ozark Fire Protection District headquarters. The steel beam from the building will be dedicated Sunday morning at 8:30 at the facility on Bagnell Dam Boulevard. The event will be timed Sunday morning to coincide with events that happened in New York ten years ago during the terrorist attacks on America.

Fall Festival Saturday at OB City Park

The Fall Festival happens this Saturday at the Osage Beach City Park. The city will hold a public forum at the event which is scheduled to last from 10 to 5. During the event there will be kids activities, crafts, educational booths, and a petting zoo, with Heart to Heart from Branson set to take the stage at 1 o’clock. City officials will be on hand for the forum to talk sales taxes, the city deer hunt set for September 15th, new ward maps, recycling, the new 54 Expressway, and building codes.

Camden Avenue Lift Station Testing Complete

The sewer lines around the Camden Avenue lift station are now getting the necessary upgrades after smoke testing by the Camdenton Public Works Department. City Administrator Brenda Colter says there were some small issues of infiltration.

The city will head to the east end of town by the Lutheran lift station for the next round of smoke testing. The city will announce before they begin the tests.

Linn State Tech Drug Testing

There’s something new for students at Linn State Technical College: drug testing. School officials say the testing’s intended ensure student safety where the course work includes aircraft maintenance, heavy engine repair, nuclear technology and more. Civil libertarians aren’t happy, calling the requirement a violation of the 4th amendment of Constitution, against unlawful search and seizure. The tests screen for 11 drugs, including pot and cocaine and meth.

Fire Destroys House on the Lake

A home in the Purvis Road area south of Laurie was destroyed by fire this morning. When Sunrise Beach and Gravois Mills fire crews arrived at the single-story house on Waterfront Road, flames were shooting through the roof. No one was injured. Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District Chief John Sullentrop says, “It was a rental, the fellow had lived there for quite some time, lived by himself. It was a kitchen fire, spread to the rest of the building very quicky and pretrty much destroyed it.” The fire apparently started in an electric stove.

Island Causeway Decision Postponed

No decision is made on the Community Improvement District for the Isla del Sol. The Miller County Commission gave the interested parties until the 21st of this month to settle a dispute over boundaries for the land at the end of Lake Road W-12.

Miller County Presiding Commissioner Tom Wright said people in favor of the CID and proposed causeway attended yesterday’s hearing.

If the Community Improvement District is approved the bank will then apply to Ameren, the Army Corps, and FERC for permission to build the road.

School Adds Website Objection Procedure

The Camdenton School District has incorporated an objection procedure into its internet access policy. The procedure put in writing and approved yesterday says a parent, legal guardian, student, district resident, or employee can request that a website be blocked by the school’s filter.

Looking at the overall suit against the district from the ACLU over its internet filter, school attorney Tom Mickes said during the meeting the school would not be rolling over.

The issue of parental consent was brought up at the meeting, with speakers again asking that a student not be allowed to request access to prohibited sites anonymously. Mickes says the students really don’t remain anonymous.

A speaker at the meeting said students do not have the same Constitutional rights as adults. Mickes says that is true to an extent.

The school is being sued in federal court for by the American Civil Liberties Union for violating student’s First Amendment rights by blocking certain websites.