Morgan Cty Caring for Kids Coalition Health Fair

Morgan County Caring for Kids Coalition has its’ 12th annual Morgan County back to school health fair on Saturday, August 4. The fair’s to get kids ready for school with critical health screenings that’ll keep them ahead of health problems that could turn in to school attendance, or classroom performance issues. Any child/parent of a child who lives or goes to school may participate. It’s August 4, 2012 at Morgan County R-1 Stover.

Osage Beach Police Remind Residents About Fireworks Ban

As the 4th of July approaches, Osage Beach Police are reminding residents about the rules regarding fireworks:

Business is “booming” at the many fireworks tents around the Lake area … but Osage Beach Police Sgt. Arlyne Page says using fireworks within the city linits is illegal:

Fireworks are also illegal without a permit in Lake Ozark, Linn Creek and Camdenton.

Race Across America Reaches Camdenton

Bicyclists competing in the Race Across America started arriving at Time Station 32, at the Signal store on Highway 54 in Camdenton this morning. Eric Johnston is manning the checkpoint:

Johnston says more cyclists will be pedaling thru Camdenton the rest of today and tomorrow:

The transcontinental bike race started in Oceanside, California last week. By the time the athletes and their crews reach the Lake area, they are over 1,800 miles into the race … and they still have nearly 1,200 miles to go. The Camdenton checkpoint is located at the Signal gas station just east of the square on Highway 54.

Two St. Louis Females in PWC Accident

Two females from St. Louis were involved in an incident yesterday at the 6mm of the main channel where authorities can not even locate one of the PWC’s involved in the 2 boat collision. Lorena Bradford and Candace Smith were driving their water crafts too close to one another when Smith struck and caused extensive damage to Bradfords PWC. Smith was circling Bradford during the ride. Smith struck Bradford on the starboard mid section of the vessel, which is totaled. There were moderate injuries to Bradford but she refused treatment.

Lake Ozark Waves Fee to Apply For Events

Lake Ozark has made it a little easier for residents to apply to the city for a special event. The Lake Ozark BOA has recently decided that applicants will no longer be charged a $125 fee that was required by city ordinance for all applications. What brought the matter to the Alderman for discussion was the inconsistency in which it was applied. There was also a concern that the increasing number of events is taxing the Police Department. This wouldn’t be much of an issue if all events were made to pay this fee, yet only some are. Some of the Alderman do not think having ordinances and not following them is a good idea saying we have ordinances for a reason, yet Lake Ozark wants to show it doesn’t play favorites and so perhaps omitting the fee is best to quell all the discussion.

Gravois Mills Board and Sewer District Meet About Lowering Rates

The Gravois Mills Board of Trustees and Gravois Arm Sewer District have not seen eye to eye when it comes to lowering Sewer Rates for residents of the town. Recently the two boards met with one another in a joint meeting and tried to work together to see what could be done to lower rates for members of the sewer district. The area of contention comes from the 500-plus new customers from GASD’s phase 3 go on-line, which residents argue should lower rates with more people paying into the district. The trustees’ recently purposed an ordinance in the district that would require all utilities to be metered. The wastewater treatment system does not have individual customer meters to measure consumption rather bills are figured based on averages of water usage from MO DNR.

MO DOT Asks Residents to Be Mindful of Sign Placement

With Political season in full swing MO DOT is asking you be mindful of where you put your sign for safety reasons. MO DOT is asking the public for their help in keeping the state-owned right of way clear of objects including political signs. According to a press release the placement of yard signs on right of way can sometimes create a safety concern for motorists by blocking the visibility needed to safely proceed through an area as well as enter or exit driveways and streets. In other situations, the placement of a sign can become an obstacle for a driver to avoid in the event they must exit the roadway in an emergency. They can also make it difficult to mow or maintain the right of way. When possible, MoDOT tries to identify a sign owner and contact them before removing a sign. When a sign is removed, it is held for 30 days and can be retrieved from the local MoDOT maintenance facility in the district where it was found.