Camp Bagnell Fish and Steakhouse Destroyed

An historic restaurant in the Lake Area has been leveled by fire. Fire crews were called to the Camp Bagnell Fish and Steakhouse, yesterday afternoon about 1:30. Three buildings on the property on Old Bagnell Road, between Eldon and Lake Ozark were destroyed, despite the best efforts of 12 local fire departments. Fire officials say a bedside lamp in one of the adjacent apartments started the blaze. Three firefighters were treated and released.

Camp Bagnell Fish & Steakhouse Gone

There are reports a pregnant woman was taken to Lake Regional Hospital for smoke inhalation after her apartment and Camp Bagnell Fish & Steakhouse were destroyed by fire Thursday afternoon. The popular restaurant, on Old Bagnell Road between Lake Ozark and Eldon, was leveled by a fire. Preliminary reports indicate a bedside lamp in one of the adjacent apartments was the cause. High temperatures and a lack of water at the site hampered firefighters. Tanker trucks shuttled back and forth to Lake Ozark throughout much of the afternoon. Exhausted firefighters were given aid with wet towels in the shade by ambulance crews.
Firemen from 11 departments responded.

Last Day On the Job for Osage Beach Police Chief

Osage Beach Police Chief David Severson is retiring, citing medical reasons.  His last day on the job was Thursday.   Severson has been chief for nearly seven years. He moved to Osage Beach in 2004 after taking an early retirement from the Anaheim, California police department. Severson and his wife, Laura, have two sons – Jeff, a student at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, and Eric, and Naval helicopter pilot currently deployed to Afghanistan. Mayor Penny Lyons and the Osage Beach Board will host a retirement reception for Dave Severson next Wednesday afternoon.

Heat Advisory In Effect; Co Mo Asks Customers to Conserve Power

A heat advisory is now in effect … from noon today, until 7 p.m. Saturday. The National Weather Service says heat index values will range from 102 to 107 degrees. The actual air temperature could climb into the triple-digits as well.

The Co-Mo Electric Cooperaticve has issued a Peak Alert, from 5-9 p.m. Customers are asked to limit the use of major appliances during those hours, and turn off any lights, TVs or small appliances not in use. Co-Mo says the alert ill extend thru the weekend because of the part of their service territory in the Lake area. Wigth many weekend homes at the Lake, demand on the system is typically higher on the weekends.

Grand Glaize Beach Stays Closed for 4th of July Weekend

Grand Glaize Beach will remain closed for the 4th of July weekend. According to Renne Bungart at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, two water samples taken Monday to test for E. coli were “off the chart.” Heavy rain moved thru the Lake area only hours before the samples were taken. Bungart says heavy rainfall is the leading cause the beach closures.
Runoff from the rain washes wildlife fecal matter into the lake influencing the water samples. This is the fourth weekend in-a-row, and the fiftth this year, that the beach, also known as Lake of the Ozarks State Park Public Beach No. 2, is closed to swimmers. Bacyeria levels in water samples taken at Public Beach No.1, in Kaiser, were normal and that beach is open, along with the marinas, docks and boat launch ramps.

Morgan County Creates Fund for Law Enforcement

Morgan County Commissioners created what they say is the first of its kind, in the area. The County Law Enforcement Restitution Fund is money that will be used for narcotics investigation and prevention, purchase of equipment and supplies for law enforcement or whatever is needed for police departments and prosecutors to deal with criminal activity. The fund will grow, through the deposit of fines imposed by the court. Judges can order offenders to pay restitution to CLERF for almost any offense, at their discretion.