Road Work for the Week

Checking the road work in Camden County, all lanes on the 54 Expressway are complete and should be open this week. Eastbound 54 Expressway traffic now has access to the Executive Park, Key Largo Outer Road from the south is now open to the expressway. Guardrail and signs are being installed this week along the route with periodic lane closures expected as more guardrail is added.

Also in Camden County on old Route 5 between Route 54 and Route E, roadway repairs will close one lane this week. And on Route A between 54 and Route E, one lane will be open Thursday and Friday for roadway maintenance.

Looking at the road work in Miller County. Route 242 is set to open Tuesday with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10 o’clock. Traffic on Fish Haven Road may be delayed as the contractor hauls material today and tomorrow. Traffic is already using the new Route MM and Horseshoe Bend Parkway connection. Also in Miller County, on Route 42 between 54 and 17, one lane will be open Tuesday through Thursday for shoulder paving. And on Route CC between 52 and the Moniteau County line, one lane will be open for a culvert pipe replacement on Wednesday.

Looking at the road work this week in Morgan County, on Route 5 between Route 50 and Route 52, one lane will be open this week for a culvert pipe replacement.

Hartzler Wants Corps to Get Cracking on Missouri River

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler wants the Army Corps of Engineers to make protection of people and property from flooding the number one priority as it puts together a master plan for management of the Missouri River. Testifying before the House Water Resources and Environment Subcommittee, which is looking into this years Missouri River flood and operational plans for the future, Hartzler insisted the Corps take every step they can to prevent a repeat of this year’s damaging floods . Hartzler stressed the need for the Corps of Engineers to move quickly to resolve the flooding problems of 2011.

St. Robert Electric Rates Going Up

Under a new five-year deal, electric rates in St. Robert are going up by 14.3%. City Administrator Alan Clark told the board of alderman earlier this week the rates would be locked in under the contract at what he called an “exceptional” rate under the circumstances for five years from 2013 to 2018. He says the rates turned out to be lower than previously planned.

More Water Access With Rodeo Change Order

A $10,000 change order gives Camdenton the option to dig deeper for water.

Huey Construction will add a submersible pump to the Rodeo well and drill over five hundred feet deeper down than originally planned to 1,500 feet. City Administrator Brenda Colter says by not using a turbine pump the city has options.

Colter believes this will be the final change before the project is complete.

Total bill with the change order is now just over $342,000.

Filings and Breakdown of New Missouri House Seats

The new 124th Missouri House seat unoffically has two Republican candidates.

Northern Camden County and southern Miller County will have Rocky Miller and Carolyn Loraine on their ballot in the August primary.

Miller is an engineer, surveyor, and former director of the Missouri School Board Association from Tuscumbia. Loraine is the former Presiding Commissioner for Camden County. She says she expects more names.

Camden County’s southern half, including Camdenton, is now in the 123rd district with the eastern part of Laclede County and part of Lebanon. The representative for the former 155th District, Diane Franklin, is expected to run for the 123rd seat.

Loraine says the redistricting works for her.

Northern Miller County is cut in three by the 58th, 59th, and 62nd Missouri House districts. The 58th district covers all of Morgan, part of Miller, and part of Moniteau County.

First day of official candidate filing for state seats is February 28th.

Breakfast With Santa Sunday

Kids and their families are invited to breakfast with Santa and the Camden County Relay for Life.

Jenny Adams is the chairperson for the Sunday event at Tan-Tar-A and says in addition to breakfast and Kris Kringle, kids will have some fun.

The breakfast is $5 and lasts from 11 to 2.

Information about the year of fund raising is also going to be available.

The 2012 Camden County Relay for Life happens June 1st at the Big Surf Water Park.

April Municipal Filing Opens Tuesday the 13th

Filing opens next Tuesday the 13th for the 2012 April municipal elections.

To qualify for mayor you must be 25 years of age, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the city at filing and for at least one year prior to the election. You must also owe no back taxes and be a registered voter. For alderman you must be at least 21.

Filing for the April 10th municipal election is open until January 17th.