Fireworks Legal on Fedral Level are Legal Statewide

Governor Nixon has signed into a law a bill that removes a discrepancy between state and federal laws on the labeling of commercial fireworks, and makes those fireworks that are legal under federal law now legal under Missouri law. New laws generally take effect in late August. But the fireworks legislation included an emergency clause, meaning it takes effect with the governor’s signature. This brings clarity for communities and civic organizations that plan and sponsor Fourth of July fireworks displays.

Independent John Page Approved to be on Nov. Ballot

The more than 500 signatures needed to be placed on this falls ballot as an independent candidate have been attained. Actually Iindependent sheriff candidate John Page, has been approved to be listed on the ballot. The Former Camden County sheriff will appear on the November general election ballot but not in a primary. Page was notified recently by the Camden County Clerk’s office that the verification process along with all 630 signatures on the petition had checked out and the process has been completed. The petition was required in order for Page to run as an Independent. The Independent party is not recognized by the state as an independent political party or organization.

Water Patrol Plans BWI Crackdown Last Weekend of June

The Highway Patrol will be participating again this year in “Operation Dry Water” — a national campaign in which marine law enforcement officers across the country coordinate special patrols during the last weekend in June to achieve a high visibility of B-W-I enforcement. Marine Patrol Captain Matt Walz:

Troopers will focus their efforts over the weekend of June 22nd-24th on detecting and apprehending intoxicated boaters. Those found to have a blood alcohol content of .08% will be arrested for boating while intoxicated.

Stover Smoke Shop and Liquor Store Raided for Synthetic Pot

Another Lake area business has been busted for selling synthetic marijuana. A raid on the Up In Smoke and Liqiuor 2 store in Stover resulted in the seizure of more than 350 packages of synthetic pot, along with pipes, bongs, scales and other items of drug paraphernalia … and the arrest of the store’s owner, 51-year-old Dorothy Hayes-Crocker of Jefferson City. She’s now free on $50,000 bond. The city of Stover has reportedly revoked the store’s liquor license.

UPDATE: Three Dead in Weekend Wrecks on Lake Area Roads

Three people were killed in the span of seven hours on Lake area highways over the weekend. The first accident was on Highway 42 east of 134. 32-year-old William Pratt of Osage Beach was killed when he drove off of the LEFT side of the road, struck a ditch and overturned. Pratt was ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene. A passenger, 26-year-old Megan Roberds, is hospitalized in serious condition. The other deadly wreck was on Route C east of AA in Morgan County . 55-year-old Lisa Deacock of Moline, Illinois and 66-year-old Catrol Mace of Letts, Iowa were both killed after Mace drove off the right side of the road, through a fence, struck a creek and overturned into a field. driving off of the road, through a fence, into a creek and then overturned into a field.

Man Dies on Houseboat in Party Cove

A South Dakota man was discovered unconscious in his houseboat yesterday at Anderson Hollow “Party” Cove. He was pronounced dead later at Lake Regional. The man Duwayne G. Hovrud, age 43 had suffered a shoulder injury the day before after jumping ship from another houseboat. He was taken to Lake Regional where he was treated and later released.

EMTs and paramedics arrived for the second time to the mans houseboat yesterday morning when the victim wasn’t breathing, and was unresponsive. Emergency personnel immediately began top perform CPR. Hovrud was taken to Lake Regional Hospital where he later was pronounced dead. Authorities are unsure as to the cause of death and are trying to find a correlation, if any with the injuries that he sustained from the fall.

Two Fatalities in Seven Hour Period Over the Weekend

This was not a good weekend for the MO highway patrol in terms of accidents. There was two fatalities over the weekend here in the lake area in a span of 7 hours. The incidents occurred on Rt. 42 a mile east of 134 and the other on rt. C and AA.

The first occurred in Osage Beach around 1:30 am when William Pratt along with his passenger drove off of the right side of the road, over corrected and landed in a ditch. Pratt was ejected and pronounced dead at the scene.

The second accident victim Lisa Decock, was killed after driving off of the road, through a fence, into a creek and then overturned into a field where she was pronounced dead at 8:35 am. This makes 5 fatalities according to the MO highway patrol for the month of June and 32 for the year.