Don’t Panic, if you Hear about a Major Earthquake on the Scanner Today, it’s a Nationwide Drill

If you own a scanner and listen to public radio transmissions, be aware that starting today, MoDOT and most first responders will be participating in a National Emergency Management drill. They’re practicing what would happen if a major earthquake hit, and the epicenter of the drill is at the New Madrid Fault. They’re running bridge disaster scenarios and other exercises through Friday.

Laurie Board of Aldermen Maintains Right to Fire Employees

The City of Laurie Board of Aldermen was considering a change in personnel policy that would allow city supervisors to fire employees, after a probationary period of six months. After some discussion, the board voted no to the change, saying it took away too much power from the board and put too much pressure on the supervisors who seek Board support on personnel changes. The Board approved a liquor license for the Dollar General store and is going to investigate ways to get residents to clean up their properties, without having to adopt a nuisance ordinance.

Residents of Freddie Lane in Lebanon Might Sue City for Constant Flooding

The City of Lebanon could be facing a lawsuit from some homeowners who think the city is not doing enough to alleviate frequent flooding in their yards. Scott and Lisa Adams and James and Donna Davis sent a letter to city officials that describes storm water run off from newer developments around their Freddie Lane homes. They had standing water up to a foot deep, at the end of April and were starting to see some structural damage.

Seven Area Waterways are on the EPA Impaired List

This week, the Environmental Protection Agency is releasing a list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers. This week, word that seven area waterways are on their impaired list. That means they fail to meet a federal standard for water quality, even if some pollution controls are in place. It’s the Lake of the Ozarks Niangua Arm, the Lake of the Ozarks Osage Arm, Little Niangua River, Osage River, Richland Creek, Straight Fork and Lamine River.