Charges After Fatal Crash Sunday Morning

A Warsaw 20 year old faces felony vehicular assault charges after a crash Sunday morning kills his passenger.

Steven Harmon was driving his 1996 chevy north on U.S. 65 at Hilty Road when he lost control in a curve. The Chevy flipped several times coming to rest on the shoulder. Harmon was not wearing a seat belt and was seriously injured. His passenger, 20 year old Jennifer Wright of Warsaw, was not wearing a seat belt and suffered fatal injuries. Harmon was airlifted to Columbia.

The Warsaw man is charged with Driving While Intoxicated, speeding, and felony vehicular assault.

MoDOT Road Work for Third Week of November

Here’s a look at the road work for the week in Camden County. The final paving and shoulder work on the 54 Expressway is wrapping up. The project could be open as early as this week.

Looking at the road work this week in Miller County. Travelers on Fish Haven Road near the new Route 242 could be delayed as the contractor moves material. Business 54 and 242 are getting new signals at some intersections, watch for portions of the shoulder that are blocked with barricades. 242 should be complete in late 2011.

Checking the road work in Morgan County, the temporary three way intersection at Route 135 and J should be removed today. The Soap Creek Bridge is now open to traffic.

Conference Call With FERC, McCaskill, and Local Stakeholders

This is the conference call from this morning, times listed after the post are as accurate as possible.

0-3:45 Senator Claire McCaskill

3:45 John Katz, Deputy Associate General Counsel, Office of General Counsel from FERC

4:34 McCaskill

5:35 Greg Hasty, Camden County Surveyor

11:40 McCaskill

13:34 Jane Boyce

14:40 McCaskill

15:28 Hasty

17:48 McCaskill

18:38 Hasty

19:22 McCaskill

20:17 Boyce

21:25 McCaskill

21:47 Patsy Riley (partially cutoff beginning of question)

22:19 McCaskill

23:55 Bruce Mitchell from the Camdenton Chamber

24:27 Katz

25:28 Mitchell

26:00 Katz

26:32 Jeff Wright, Director, Office of Energy Projects for FERC

27:02 Mitchell

27:19 McCaskill

28:14 Hasty

31:09 Camden County Presiding Commissioner Kris Franken

32:57 McCaskill

33:20 Wright

33:53 Mitchell

34:00 McCaskill

34:40 Mitchell

35:00 Katz

36:10 McCaskill

36:38 Stacy Shore

38:30 McCaskill

38:51 Boyce

39:00 Katz

40:06 Shore

40:19 Katz

40:49 McCaskill

42:07 Shore

44:01 Hasty

44:23 Shore

45:06 McCaskill

45:40 Boyce

46:28 McCaskill

47:41 Hasty

50:06 McCaskill

51:00 Joe Roeger, legislative chair for Lake Area Chamber

52:30 McCaskill

54:19 self identified “one of the little people”

54:52 McCaskill with contact number from member of her staff

FERC Sets Record Straight on Shoreline Plan at Lake of the Ozarks: Factsheet LINK

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission says Ameren must move the project boundary line to remove from within the project lands any lands that are not needed to operate the Bagnell Dam.

In a new order, FERC says that Ameren must move the boundary, identify any encroaching structures that affect operation of the dam, then work with those homeowners to reach a solution satisfactory to both parties. FERC says Ameren must file a plan with all of the planned redrawing by June 1st of next year.

In a factsheet, FERC says Ameren has had an obligation to prevent the construction of unauthorized structures in its boundary and has failed to carry out this obligation, allowing matters to get to the point where Ameren’s failures have left local property owners in a difficult situation.

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, who says U.S. Senate legislation against FERC will now be withheld, laid more of the difficult situation back on FERC.

The senator will hold a conference call at 9:30 this morning with FERC, local residents, and elected officials, allowing the media to listen but not participate. We will bring you that audio in the future.

We will talk with Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer today at 9:10 on the Morning Magazine.

Soap Creek Bridge Opens Friday Afternoon

The Soap Creek Bridge on Highway 5 will open to traffic this afternoon.

The new bridge a half of a mile north of Route P in Morgan County is complete 11 days ahead of schedule.

The temporary three way stop at the intersection of Route 135 and J will stay in place through Monday.

The old bridge built in 1932 was 127 feet long and 22 feet wide, the new bridge is 135 feet long and 28 feet wide.

Animal Shelter Offers Reward for Information on Neglected Dogs

Closed circuit video is being used to determine who dropped off neglected young dogs at the Dogwood Animal Shelter overnight on Wednesday.

Four 1 to 3 year old dogs, mostly hairless from neglect, were left in crates outside the gate of the facility between 5:30 in the afternoon Wednesday and 5:30 Thursday morning. Temperatures that night dropped into the mid 20′s.

Dogwood is offering a $250 reward for anyone with any information. Please call 348-4411.

MO Congressional Delegation Weighing In on FERC Reversal

Senator Claire McCaskill led the effort in Congress, along with Senator Roy Blunt, in introducing bipartisan legislation last month to prevent FERC from issuing any order would require the removal of homes, businesses and other structures on the Lake of the Ozarks shoreline. Today, FERC issued a new order granting AmerenUE’s request for re-hearing, and modifying the July 26 order to clarify that no structures rightfully built along the lake would have to be removed. “This appears to be very good news,” McCaskill says, “But we’re going to dig into this with the folks at FERC and make sure we have our facts straight, and tomorrow morning I plan to talk directly to Lake stakeholders to help clarify exactly what this order means for them.”

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer says, “It has been my goal from the very beginning of this process to ensure that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s revisions to the shoreline plan would not adversely impact the people and property at the Lake of the Ozarks. Our efforts to sit down and discuss this issue with FERC, Ameren and the local communities that contacted me throughout this process proved to be the right approach. My hope is that FERC and Ameren will continue to work in a constructive way to resolve any differences in the plan that remain.”