Food Pantry Donation Tax Credit Ends on August 28, 2011

A tax credit for donations to food pantries will expire at the end of August. Missouri lawmakers failed to pass a bill that would have extended it four years. The Missouri Food Bank Association says nearly one million dollars worth of food pantry tax credits were claimed last year. The program provides credit for half the worth of all donations, up to five thousand dollars.

Horse Owners are Warned about a New and Potentially Deadly Virus

Veterinarians at the University of Missouri are warning horse owners to keep a close watch on their animals. There’s been a regional outbreak of a potentially deadly virus, called Equine Herpes Virus 1. Almost 20 cases have been reported in horses that attended the National Cutting Horse Association Western National Championships in Utah. Three horses have died. There are no confirmed cases in Missouri, but the virus is highly contagious. Look for nostril discharge, weakness standing and high fever.

Winery Approved for Barbara Morris in Camdenton

The Camden County Commission has approved a request by Barbara Morris to open a winery on Feline Drive in Camdenton. She’s been growing grapes on the site for five years, but to process them and sell wine on the site, she needed to have the zoning changed from residential to agricultural. The Planning and Zoning Commission gave unanimous approval on that, in April. County Commissioners agreed, yesterday.