Paddlefish Trafficker To Serve 3 Years Probation

paddlefishA Colorado man has pled guilty to illegally trafficking in Paddlefish caviar in the Warsaw area. 49 year old Felix Baravik will serve three years probation, the first six months of which will be under house arrest after pleading guilty to the charges this week. He will also pay a five thousand dollar fine. Dealing in Paddlefish caviar is a federal crime due to an overall decline. Paddlefish eggs have been marketed as caviar in recent years resulting in a significant decline in their population. In a separate case, a Lake Ozark man pled guilty to the same crime back in November as he attempted to buy 80 pounds of Paddlefish eggs from undercover agents. 35 year old Bogdan Nahapetyan is facing one year in prison and a ten thousand dollar fine.

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