1,000 Political Scientists Including 6 In Missouri Call For Trump Removal

Local News Politics State News Friday, January 8th, 2021

Over 1,000 political scientists across the country have signed an open letter calling for President Trump to be removed from office immediately.

That includes Political Science Professor Bryce Reeder at the University of Missouri in Columbia, as well as a professor from UM St. Louis and four others from Northwest Missouri State University.

The professors say Trump’s actions shows he was unwilling or unable to fulfill his oath to protect and defend the constitution following the peaceful protest at the nation’s Capital, that turned violent when outside instigators attacked the building and entered the hallways.

Video of the group breaking through the crowd and destroying windows showed several citizens telling them “stop this” and “this isn’t how we are!” and asking the individuals “who are you?” with some screaming “Antifia, go away!”

Additional videos showed DC Police allowing the protestors access to the stairway, encouraging people to come up.

The political scientists are requesting the President be removed using the 25th amendment or an impeachment process.

As of yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence rejected these requests by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others.

Local News Politics State News Friday, January 8th, 2021

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