Back to School chalk
Back to School chalk
Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash

All Lake Area kids enrolled in public schools are back in class with Tuesdays opening for School of the Osage.

“The buses have run smoothly, classes started with no problems…students are excited and happy to be here” says Superintendent Dr. Laura Nelson.

She tells KRMS News they have something special to show off the start of this year “We have a social media campaign underway called Osage First Day”

Dr. Nelson says that program will include images of how the first day of school went for kids, parents and teachers in School of the Osage.

Right now there are no COVID restrictions in place, but Dr. Nelson says if they need to make changes, they’re ready “We’ve obviously all as a community had a lot of opportunity to live with the various safety issues, some of the inconveniences, and some of the upsetting things that have gone on in the world…so we’ve made some sense out of that. We know it’s not going to be perfect, but the experience of last gave us some strength for this year.”

Other school districts around Lake of the Ozarks, including Camdenton, Lebanon, Eldon and Mack’s Creek started school Monday.

Cole Camp R1 also started school on Tuesday.