Ambulance Donated To Laclede Sheriff’s Office To Become Crime Scene Van

Crime Local News Thursday, October 14th, 2021

The Laclede County Sheriff’s Department is on the receiving end of donation which will enhance daily operations.

Sheriff David Millsap says, what use to operate as an ambulance can now be used to execute search warrants and process major crime scenes.

The former ambulance was donated by Howard and Dalene Reagan.

Millsap also says in addition to the ambulance, a second donor stepped up through the Lebanon Area Foundation to give the department more than $10,000 dollars in crime scene equipment.

Plans are to allow the Lebanon Police Department and the highway patrol’s division of drug and crime control to use the donated items as needed as well.


****Press release:

The Laclede County Sheriff’s Office has added a new vehicle to its working fleet, thanks to a donation by a Laclede County couple. Howard and Dalene Reagan, donated a former ambulance to the Sheriff’s Office. The Reagans owned a locksmith business and had purchased the ambulance for their business. The Sheriff’s Office renovated the ambulance for use at crime scenes and search warrants.

“This was a very nice donation. The ambulance is in good mechanical condition, and when Howard asked me if we could use it, I knew exactly how we could use the vehicle; major crime scenes and search warrants,” said Sheriff David Millsap.

In addition to the donation of the ambulance, a second donor, through the Lebanon Area Foundation, provided more than $10,000 in crime scene equipment. “We are very lucky that we received the van, and the equipment at no cost to taxpayers. The equipment we purchased gives us state of the art of equipment to the process crime scenes, and the van provides a vehicle that we can work out of at those scenes.”

The Sheriff has offered the crime scene van to the Lebanon Police Department when needed. “The van can also be used by the Missouri Highway Patrol Division of Drug and Crime Control, when we ask them to assist in major criminal investigations, such as homicide scenes. We have a very good working relationship with Lebanon PD, and DDCC, I know the donors of the van and the donor of the equipment would want us to be good partners to the other law enforcement agencies in our community,” the Sheriff said.

(in the picture Right to Left: first row kneeling Deputy Jesse Cook, Cpl. Robert Doublin, Sgt. Dan Christman. Second row right to left: Support Services Director Sam Allen, Sheriff David Millsap, Lock Assistant Ron Henson, Howard Reagan, Dalene Reagan, Captain Casey Pitts).

Crime Local News Thursday, October 14th, 2021

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