Ameren Missouri Rates To Go Up As Investments In Energy Continue

Business Local News State News Friday, September 17th, 2021

If you’re an Ameren Missouri customer, you can expect a 12-percent increase on your monthly bill early next year.

This comes after Ameren filed an electric and natural gas rate review with the Public Service Commission in March.

These filings reflect major upgrades to electric and natural gas systems reliability and resilience and investments in support of a transition to clearer energy resources” says Warren Wood with Ameren, “We’re basically hardening the grid, adding smarter technology…moving to cleaner technology…we’re seeing these investments make significant differences.”

He tells KRMS News the investments are paying off to the tune of 40-percent greater reliability “If we all go back to February this year and we remember the extremely cold weather….we were reading about all the outages across the US….the technology really performed well in Missouri. We didn’t have a lot of those same problems everyone else had across the country.”

Wood says part of the reason the power stayed in last winter is because of the company’s Smart Energy Plan.

For the average customer, an increase of around $12 per month can be expected by February.

Wood was interviewed by Christian Blood on the KRMS Morning Magazine.


*****More info:

  • The new rates would not take effect until 2022 and reflect major upgrades to electric and natural gas system reliability and resiliency for customers, as well as investments to support the transition to cleaner energy for the benefit of customers and local communities.
  • Ameren Missouri customers have seen rate decreases in recent years, including two electric base rate decreases since 2017 and a natural gas rate decrease in 2019.
  • Electric rates today are 8.3% lower than they were in 2017.

Business Local News State News Friday, September 17th, 2021

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