With continued good weather expected and the 37th Annual Harbor Hop going on this Saturdaythe Lake is busy with boaters this weekend.

With the ongoing drought, Captain Bob of the Water Safety Council says…”Boaters need to be watchful of the water level…..everything is sorta down. Just be careful, use some extra common sense. If you’ve got a GPS, or some kind of Lake Map that have the elevations on it…use that, and just be extra careful this year.”

He spoke on The Ozarks This Morning on KRMS.


****More info:

Anyone can enter for a fun day on Lake of the Ozarks! Visit over 40 of our participating locations on the water to collect your poker hand. Enter the Harbor hop by stopping at any of the check points. To obtain a hand, sign up and pay an optional $20 donation. Any player can enter more than once. The 1st card is drawn at the checkpoint where the hand is purchased; 6 additional cards are obtained by hopping to six more checkpoints drawing one card, per hand, at each location. The hand is complete when the 7th card is drawn. To qualify the hand must be turned in by 7pm at your last checkpoint. Winners will be notified by certified mail.

A few Harbor Hop checkpoints open as early as 9:00 am, but most open at 11:00 am. Check the website listed above for a complete list of participating locations and scheduled times.