Another Scam Targets Residents Of Camden County With Sheriff’s Office

All News Crime Thursday, November 18th, 2021

Sheriff Tony Helms

Authorities across the lake area are warning you about another scam which has an all-too-familiar ring to it…literally and figuratively.

Camden County Sheriff Tony Helms says intended victims are receiving telephone calls again with the callers claiming to be law enforcement informing you that there are warrants for your arrest.

The caller then says the warrants will disappear if you can pay the fines and court-related costs using various methods such as money orders or Money Pak voucher cards…methods that are untraceable.

It’s advised that you do not give out any personal information and to just hang up on the callers who, often, will spoof the caller-ID making it appear to be a legitimate call.

Helms also says, if you really do have a warrant for your arrest, his deputies will be glad to let you know when they come to your place and knock on your door.

All News Crime Thursday, November 18th, 2021

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