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Broadband internet access across the Lake Region continues to be at the top of mind for residents and political leaders alike.

Coming off the heels of Governor Mike Parson’s budget promise of a $400 million-dollar investment in rural broadband projects, State Representative Bill Hardwick of Waynesville says it’s the right step forward “That’s super helpful for us, right? More people teleworking…more people can work online, as corporations allow people to go meet on zoom and work from home. So now it’s becoming a normal thing for us to be able to say hey, my kid is sick today…I’m going to work from home and meet on zoom. That’s super helps our economy.”

Hardwick says he’s already meeting with leaders at the Capitol about certain projects slated for broadband connectivity in Pulaski County alone.

Other cities still working on rural connectivity projects include Warsaw and Cole Camp.

In Warsaw they’ve selected COMO to provide internet and TV, which will be available soon.

Cole Camp is still researching the best option of the providers available for the city.

In Camden County, Whisper Internet has recently finished their projects and broadband access is already open to area residents.