It’s almost time to get back to school and parents around the Lake area overwhelming say they want their kids back in the classroom.

      NEWS-08-06-2020 BACK TO SCHOOL 1 - 6th August 2020

Governor Mike Parson.

He says he’s spoken to several Lake Area Superintendents about their needs and requests to make it happen.

      NEWS-08-06-2020 BACK TO SCHOOL 2 - 6th August 2020

School of the Osage has already announced plans to do 1 day a week on Monday as virtual learning. Camdenton, Morgan, Warsaw and Eldon districts have noted they will be doing all 5 days in the classroom, with virtual options open for those who want it.

Classes are set to start on August 24th and 25th.


Area school re-opening plans can be found below:


Camden County:

Camdenton R3 School Plans

Climax Springs R4 School Plans

Macks Creek R5 School Plans

Stoutland R2 School Plans


Miller County:

School of the Osage School Plans

Eldon R1 School Plans

Iberia R5 School Plans

Miller CO R3 School Plans

St. Elizabeth R4 School Plans


Morgan County:

Morgan County R1 School Plans

Morgan County R2 School Plans

Benton County:

Warsaw R9 School Plans

Cole Camp R1 School Plans

Lincoln R-2 School Plans