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Secretary of State in Missouri Jay Ashcroft is proposing a rule to impose new measures on public libraries across the state that he says would protect children as well as parental rights.

Under his plan all libraries that get funds from the state would be required to adopt written policies on what constitute age-appropriate materials and ensure that materials deemed inappropriate for minors are unavailable to them without parental consent…“The rule will be officially published in the Missouri Register on November 15th. That will start a statutory 30 day period for comments and I would exhort, implore, request, ask, invite anyone who has thoughts, concerns or suggestions…pro or con, or neutral, to send those comments to the secretary of state’s office.”

Ashcroft says the proposed rule will be maintained by the Library if implemented…“The rule will make libraries have these policies, there will have to be accountability for who is in charge of the policy, who wrote the policy and how the policy was handled. The taxpayers of that district will have total visibility into that policy, and it will be either be up to the state through legislation or the taxpayers of that jurisdiction if they disagree with that policy…to make changes.”

Again, it will be submitted on November 15th with a 30-day comment period thereafter.