It’ll be business as usual on The Strip in Lake Ozark, but it’s a different story for Bagnell Dam for the next few months.

MoDOT begins a rehabilitation project Tuesday.

“It’s going to require complete closure of the dam at this time” says MODOT Central District Area Engineer Bob Lynch, “I know people would like for us to keep the road open, and I understand that….but the type of work that we are doing and the width of the dam it just isn’t safe…we’ll have to close the dam.”

He tells KRMS News work will be done on the road and sidewalks through December “The goal here is to improve the driving conditions, the road…the sidewalk….the curbs…and try and get some additional life out of the structure. Hopefully we’ll have it ready for next year.”

You’ll still have access to the Strip by heading in from Hwy 242, Bagnell Dam Boulevard or Horseshoe Bend.