The issue of whether the Rocky Mount Fire District is being targeted unfairly for enforcing building codes draws some listener reaction on KRMS.

The fire district was recently issued, what amounts to, a “cease and desist” order from the Miller County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office while a similar case in Morgan County continues to be reviewed.

The answer to the issue, according to a couple callers into the “Ozarks Today,” is pretty clear…

“People feel like there are gestapo tactics coming out of the fire department, they’re very heavy handed about this enforcement” says one listener. Another says following the codes is very important “Anybody building any size project have architects and engineers and they have their plans stamped. And they have building codes, like IBC, Bulker and UBC…and they’re going to follow those. Because if they don’t, and something happens…they’re in real trouble.”

The order from the Miller County Prosecutor’s Office says anyone from the fire district going onto property to attempt enforcing codes without being welcomed could be subject to criminal charges, jail time and/or a fine.

Officials from the fire district say they will continue to inspect and enforce building codes.