Benton County Deputies Seize $70,000 Worth Of Meth

Crime Local News Friday, July 2nd, 2021

In Benton County, three people are facing charges after the Sheriff’s Office says it seized around $70-thousand dollars worth of methamphetamine.

Deputies went to UU and Highway 7 on report of a suspicious car and once there they saw it had bullet holes in it.

The people told deputies they were visiting from Kansas City, but ran out of gas.

Deputies reported they smelled pot in the car and some residue was found before the people drove away after a friend brought some gas.

They drove away and investigators continued searching in the area where two of the people had been urinating near a tree line when deputies arrived.

There they found a one-gallon bag with four pounds of meth and they were later pulled over and arrested after further investigation.

Tyshawn Carr, Login Pool and Leilani Smith were arrested and now face drug trafficking charges.


Additional info:

06/25/21- Benton County deputies responded to the area of UU and 7 Highways on a report of a suspicious vehicle. The reporting party stated that there were several people standing around a vehicle who were behaving suspiciously. Deputies responded to the area and contacted three people who were traveling in a Dodge Charger, two of which were approximately 50 feet away from the vehicle near the tree line stating they were urinating. A check was conducted on Tyshawn R. Carr, 21; Login G. Pool, 19; and Leilani M. Smith, 19, with no wants or warrants. All stated that they resided in the Kansas City area and ran out of gas on the way to a friend’s house in the Benton County area.

While investigating the scene deputies noted bullet holes on the vehicle and a strong odor of marijuana emanating from within. When asked about the bullet holes the owner replied, “We live in KC”. A probable cause search of the vehicle was conducted, resulting in a few marijuana roaches, some seeds and stems. The occupants were issued a verbal warning for marijuana and after gas was put in the tank by a “friend”, the trio went on their way.

After the release of the Charger, deputies, being thorough as they are, checked the area where the two individuals were standing near the tree line to discover a black bag containing a one-gallon resealable plastic bag with what appeared to be Methamphetamine. The bag was dry and had no moisture even though we had just had a torrential downpour.

Deputies reengaged the suspect vehicle and stopped it near the mile-long bridge arresting all three occupants and impounding the vehicle. The one gallon bag that was found at the original scene weighed approximately four pounds and field tested for Methamphetamines. That amount of meth would supply over 9000 “hits” to its intended users and have a street value upwards of $70,000. All three suspects were charged with felonies for drug trafficking in the 2nd degree and were issued a $100,000 cash or surety bond.

Crime Local News Friday, July 2nd, 2021

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