Residents in Benton County are upset after James Mast, the father of 4-year-old Jessica Mast who was killed after being severely beaten by her neighbors, was allowed out on a $500,000 bond.

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Speaking with KY 3 TV, resident Mariah Williams says several residents have come together to support Jessica and fight for her justice.

Mast’s attorney Scott Rosenblum says the court did the right thing.

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James Mast, along with his wife Mary and their neighbors Ethan Mast and Kourtney Aumen were all arrested after deputies found Jessica’s body wrapped in a blanket in her bedroom.

The child was beaten severely, submerged into a pond and left to freeze.

Investigators say the neighbors had been beating Jessica, James and Mary for several weeks because they had a “Demon” inside of them.

James is the only one of the four out on Bond and he is expected back in Court this March.