Better High Speed Internet Is Almost Here For Rural Camden County

Business Local News Monday, April 5th, 2021

Some people in Camden County can expect faster internet speeds with new equipment now coming into the area.

Wisper ISP has been working with the Camden County Commission for several months to improve coverage in rural parts of the county.

“Wisper also just got a contract to put their equipment on that huge tower up on Highway 7 between Greenview and Climax Springs, so that’s going to help a lot of people” says Camden County Commissioner Don Williams.

He tells KRMS News another wireless company, Splash-dot-net, has put up another tower near Ballparks National “so wireless internet is increasingly being made available to residents in rural Camden County everyday. The internet has become like a utility, it’s just as important as telephone and electricity for daily life.”

Williams says he took an interest in better internet access and speed for rural Camden County because he lives in the country and knows how critical hi-speed internet is.

Business Local News Monday, April 5th, 2021

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