Big Thunder Marine makes quite the splash with the announcement that the Ozark Yacht Club had been acquired.

Big Thunder GM Jeremy Anderson says, coming on the heels of Glencove and Lake Port being acquired, respectively in 2016 and 2020, the addition of the Ozark Yacht Club is a natural fit…“Fred, the owner of Big Thunder, and I….we looked at that property almost three years ago now. And, we thought it was such a beautiful piece of property and it had so much to offer…and it could add to parts of the business we don’t have, lodging, and banquet and a restaurant and things like that.”

Anderson also says another key part of the deal was being able to retain the employees from the yacht club…“For us bringing their team on with our team, and trying to merge that… will be bumpy for a little bit while we integrate software and ways and things and processes like that, they’re a great group.”

No price-tag for the acquisition was announced but Anderson went on to tell KRMS News that more announcements should be expected during 2022 as Big Thunder continues its long-term strategy.