With Lake of the Ozarks Bike Fest getting underway, MODOT officials are stressing the need for extra care and caution by all drivers…especially the motorcyclists themselves.

MO-DOT’S Danny Roeger tells KRMS Morning Magazine two serious motor cycle accidents in recent days in the area are a reminder that cyclists must make good decisions “I encourage everyone out there to keep your head on a swivel. Understand what’s around you…there’s going to be a lot of motorcycles here at the Lake, so just be cautious and aware of that…no matter if you’re driving on four wheels or two.”

One of the mishaps involved a motorcyclist who was seriously hurt after striking a dog in the roadway…“Is that just an unfortunate timing situation there or was he driving too fast for the conditions? Could he not get stopped in time, prior to hitting that dog. The other one was entirely the decision of the operator, he was popping a wheelie. It’s a fun weekend…yeah you’re out with your friends and having a good time, but make better decisions than the unfortunately than the one there who was doing that wheelie.”

Roeger also says there were two fatal motorcyclist mishaps directly associated with last year’s Bikefest.