A house bill aiming to protect individual freedoms across Missouri is a step closer to becoming a law.

The 122nd district’s Bill Hardwick, who represents Pulaski County, says House Bill-1686 would prohibit employers from mandating that their employees be vaccinated for COVID-19…“This bill gives the businesses in Missouri, a way to navigate through the federal mandates…to get our people back to work…and keep our businesses in business. It’s a way to make manageable, a complex problem.”

Hardwick goes on to say that the bill is not about whether receive a vaccination…“My point is the danger of concentrating power and the ease with we around the world, have let unchecked power take hold. It’s about what precedence we’re setting.”

Hardwick’s bill was passed out of the House after a bi-partisan vote of 110-41 and is now in the Senate for its approval.