The organizers of a Black Lives Matter protest scheduled for Sunday in Camdenton are speaking out.

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Makayla Stanton is one four people organizing the rally. She tells KRMS News a Facebook event page was started after the first protests was cancelled and it’s now set to take place from noon until 7 in the Camdenton town square.

Stanton also says the demonstration is going to be peaceful and she doesn’t want this event to be confused with other civil unrest happening around Missouri and the U-S.

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Stanton says some people involved in nationwide protesting after the death of George Floyd have another agenda.

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Another organizer, Brian Knox, explains why they feel this protest is important for the Lake Area.

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The Camdenton Police Department and the Camden County Sheriff’s Office have pledged to protect the rights of the demonstrators and also the welfare of people in the area and both public and private property.