Work on the new Camdenton Recreation Center is getting closer to reality following last week’s board of alderman meeting.

      NEWS-12-07-2020 CAMDENTON REC 1 - 7th December 2020

City Administrator Jeff Hooker tells KRMS News the original plans ended up being way over budget, so they trimmed it down some to make it more budget friendly and managed to keep the key elements in place.

      NEWS-12-07-2020 CAMDENTON REC 2 - 7th December 2020

Hooker says their main focus right now is on staffing, not the cost of building the facility.

      NEWS-12-07-2020 CAMDENTON REC 3 - 7th December 2020

He says once it’s completed, the rec center will also feature some relaxation spaces.

      NEWS-12-07-2020 CAMDENTON REC 4 - 7th December 2020

Both the rec center, and the project to repave Business Highway 5, are going to be the major items discussed at the next meeting on December 15th.

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