Boat Explodes At Lake Of The Ozarks

Local News Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Three people are okay, but their boat is a total loss after it exploded on Lake of the Ozarks Saturday morning.

Donna Wilson tells KRMS News it happened shortly after refueling “After fueling, we got away from the dock and one of the engine wasn’t turning over right away. After trying several times, my husband decided he would let it rest.”

Taylor Wilson was on the boat with her grandparents “I was sitting on the back, and the burst of it threw me up into the air, then back into the water.”

Taylor says her grandparents were on a different part of the boat when the explosion happened.

Both grandparents are okay, but Taylor’s grandfather, Wes Wilson, was taken to the hospital “He is ok, he does have some burns on his legs and his arms…and he has pain on the back of his head.”

The explosion happened in a cove at the 18 and a half mile marker of the main channel.

The cause of the explosion in not yet known.


Local News Sunday, June 13th, 2021

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