*********Update 10PM

The Highway Patrol’s Water division has released more details about the boat explosion at the 2MM.

Officials say the driver of the 2005 Formula boat, 55-year-old Dennis Kiely of O’Fallon Missouri, had just finished fueling. He started the first engine with no issue, but upon starting the second engine…the boat exploded, ejecting him into the water. A passenger, 52-year-old Debra Kiley, was standing on the dock at the time of the explosion and was also thrown into the water. An employee at the gas dock, 20-year-old Megan Bartels of Montreal, was also injured in the blast.

The boat drifted until it had burned to the water line and was towed out by Tow Boat US.


*********Update 6:45PM

A boat explosion injures 3 people near the 2 Mile Mark of the Main Channel.

The Highway Patrol reports that the boat was fueling at the Point Randall Resort when an operator started the engines, causing it to explode.

The boat burned and was completely destroyed, then was towed away by Boat US.

There is no word on who the injured people are and what their conditions are at this time.

An investigation into the incident is underway.


*******Original story………

KRMS is following information about a boat explosion on the 2 Mile Mark of the Main Channel.

Comments made in the Lake Area Happenings Facebook Group indicate that several fire boats, an ambulance and possibly a helicopter were called to the scene near Point Randall Resort around the Horseshoe Bend area.

Residents have also noted the sound of a massive “explosion” from the same region.

The condition of the passengers in the vessel remain unknown at this time.

A call has been placed to the Highway Patrol’s Water Division from the KRMS News team, and we are awaiting a reply.

KRMS will follow this ongoing story and bring you the latest as it happens.


*Photo shared above courtesy of Lake Resident Celia Niell.