Like Triple-A for drivers of land vehicles, Boat U.S. continues to grow as an organization that helps and represents those who operate vessels on the water.

National spokesman Scott Croft says besides providing its over 800-thousand members with insurance as well as aid and towing should they need it, they also represent recreational boaters including on Capitol Hill and across the nation…“Fighting for boaters rights, when it comes to things like navigation access….which is a big issue when it comes to aquatic invasive species.”

Croft says the organization formed back in 1966 when its founders realized that average boaters needed a voice…“We’re really just sticking up for the boat owner…making the boat ownership better. At the end of the day, you want to keep it safe, make sure you have fun and make sure it’s hassle free and that’s what Boat US is all about.”

Croft spoke on Captain Bob’s No Wake Zone on KRMS.

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