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A Reminder for boaters this Holiday Weekend.

A new law requires boats longer than 40 feet to idle in to coves 800 feet or less.

      NEWS-07-03-2020 NO WAKE LAW 1 - 3rd July 2020

Captain Matthew Walz with the Missouri Highway Patrol’s Water Division.

He says the width of coves in question is measured from dock to dock and likely applies to coves wider than 800 feet, in some cases.

      NEWS-07-03-2020 NO WAKE LAW 2 - 3rd July 2020

The Water Division also approved a new rule back in June following a public hearing, requiring boats 40 feet or longer to idle through the Big Niangua arm, between mile markers 9.5 to 16 into Ha Ha Tonka Cove, where it becomes the Niangua River.

Here are a look at the Coves and areas with limited no wake in effect:

For the Main Channel:

Lynch Hallow Cove

Jennings Branch Cove

On the Gravois Arm:

Portions of Indian Creek Cove

Portions of Mill Creek Cove

In the Glaize Arm area:

The Watson Hollow Cove, aka Girl Scout Cove

On the Niangua Arm:

The 9.5 Mile Marker to the about 16 Mile Marker into the Niangua River


Officials with the Highway Patrol’s Water Division say there could be more to come following additional public requests for hearings based on the new law that took affected in April/May, which was filed more than a year ago.