A Columbia man is facing numerous charges following a wild chase through Lake Ozark.

Officials say it started at the Kohl’s parking lot, when Lake Ozark Police responded to a shoplifting call.

Once there, officers were forced to give chase when the man commandeered a stolen car and drove to Bagnell Dam BLVD, where he was involved in a head-on collision.

He then proceeded to go to Woods Supermarket and went over the cliff at the parking lot.

He was apprehended and placed into a Lake Ozark Patrol vehicle, where he was able to break out of the cage and stole the police car.

Another pursuit took place across the Toll Bridge into Porto Cima, where he jumped from the car, ran into the Lake and was eventually captured by Corporal Green of the LOPD.

The man is being held in the Miller County Jail on a number of charges and 2 LOPD Vehicles were damaged in the pursuits.

This remains a developing story and we will bring you the latest as it comes in.


**** From the city of Lake Ozark:

A Columbia man is in custody after a rather bazaar incident late Saturday afternoon.
It all started in the parking lot at Kohls in Eagles’ Landing when the Lake Ozark Police Department received a shoplifting call. A pursuit began there and went to the parking lot at Marcus Theatre. From there, the suspect, who commandeered a vehicle taken from Kohl’s that turned out to be stolen – took off to Bagnell Dam Blvd. where he was involved in a head-on collision. (No reported injuries)
The vehicle then left the scene, went to Woods Supermarket and then over a cliff At some point, the Lake Ozark Police Department took the suspect into custody and handcuffed the suspect behind his back and put him in the back of the patrol car. While the LOPD officer was tending to the head-on accident, the suspect was able to put his hands in front of him and break out the cage between the backseat of the LOPD and the front seat and the stole the LOPD vehicle.
He then raced across the toll bridge into a Porto Cima neighborhood where he abandoned the vehicle. The suspect entered the lake where he was eventually apprehended by an LOPD officer.
The suspect is in custody in Miller County where he faces a variety of charges.
The LOPD has two damaged vehicles.
The Missouri State Water Patrol, the Miller County Sheriff’s Department and the Camden County Sheriff’s Department assisted in the incident.
More details will be provided when available.
This is a developing story. No additional information is available at this time;

*****Previous Story:

We’re getting word of an accident involving a Lake Ozark Police SUV.

According to sources & comments on social media, it appears that someone may have stolen the Police SUV and during a chase with other officers, crashed it.

That is unconfirmed at this time and we are awaiting more information from the city about the incident.

As soon as the details are released, we will pass them along to you.

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