It’s a triple punch on Monday as the Camdenton, School of the Osage and Iberia district announce the closings of their doors for, at least, the next two or three weeks. The announcements came in within a few hours of each other with the districts indicating that classes in Camdenton and Osage tentatively scheduled to continue again on Monday, April 6th. Camdenton is effectively closed immediately while School of the Osage will begin their shutdown next Monday, March 23rd. The Iberia district is also closed with the Rangers hoping to be back in the hallways on April 1st. In the meantime, among provisions of emergency plans announced, at least Camdenton and Osage will both continue to serve limited meals to students who may need them. Wi-fi, tutoring, counseling and contingency plans for at-home learning also among services expected to be offered during the closings.