Call Volumes For Miller County Sheriff Continue To Climb

Crime Local News Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

Miller County Sheriff Louie Gregoire

Little rest for the weary…with the summer season and Labor Day now in the past, law enforcement agencies across the Lake Area continue to remain busy…

“I don’t know what they expect in the up and coming years, but it’s not slowing down…it’s progressively getting worse” says Miller County Sheriff Louie Gregoire.

He tells KRMS News that the majority of offenders being arrested by his deputies are from right here in the Lake Area “The Drugs, the Stealing that goes on….majority of people who steal are really from our county or the neighboring county…you really can’t blame it on people who are from out of the area.”

Gregoire goes onto say that drug cases continue to dominate arrests in the county which are, often, overshadowed by alleged crimes such as the fatal shooting along the Bagnell Dam Strip and the double murder on D-Road.

And with criminal activity not slowing down anytime soon, law enforcement around the Lake Area continues to encourage residents to report any suspicious or unusual activity.

Crime Local News Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

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