Camden Commissioner James Gohagan Speaks Out About Recent Altercation

Local News Politics Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

Camden County Commissioner James Gohagan is giving his side of what happened during an altercation with several county maintenance workers on Thursday.

Gohagan tells KRMS News the workers were waiting when he got to work that morning.

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Gohagan says that’s about the time he started recording the exchange with another device and he thinks the trigger might have been a tour he gave of the new commission office building where it all happened.

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But Gohagan says after he gave the tour, photos were taken inside the building and then posted online.

Audio of the altercation was later posted to social media and on Friday the Camden County prosecutor’s office confirmed in a release a special prosecutor was being called.

The investigation is ongoing and we’ll keep you posted on the latest details here on KRMS.


Listen to the full interview with Commissioner Gohagan and Christian Blood on the Ozarks Today.

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Local News Politics Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

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