Camden Commissioner Speaks About New MO Preservation Act Bill

Local News Politics State News Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

The Second Amendment Preservation Act is now law in Missouri, but a Camden County Commissioner has concerns about some other amendments to the U-S Constitution.

“Specifically the 1st Amendment and the 4th Amendment, that’s what we really need to work on here” says First District Commissioner James Gohagan, “we took the first step in Camden County in asserting the rights of the 2nd Amendment and on my honor, all other Amendments will be upheld as well.”

He tells KRMS News Camden County already had a Second Amendment protective ordinance in place “in the beginning it was kinda looked at like a radical thing…but the public definitely showed up for those meetings where we were going to discuss it, and it went pretty well according to plan after that.”

Gohagan says the Camden County ordinance to protect Second amendment rights calls for a $1-thousand dollar fine for anyone infringing on the right to bear arms in Camden County.

Under the Second Amendment Preservation Act signed by Governor Mike Parson Saturday, the same violation would cost $50-thousand dollars for each violation.

Gohagan was interviewed by Christian Blood on the KRMS Morning Magazine.

Local News Politics State News Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

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