Camden County Commission Protest Planned For Saturday Afternoon

Local News Politics Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

There’s a protest against the Camden County Commission scheduled for Saturday afternoon in the Camdenton Square.

“So this protest is about raising awareness, letting people know what’s going on…in case they haven’t heard yet…and hopefully educate people on some of the issues” says Neal Gist, organizer of the planned protest.

He tells KRMS News Commissioners Greg Hasty and Don Williams are the main focus of the protest, but he offers support for newly elected commissioner James Gohagan.

Gist says he thinks there’s corruption happening on the commission, and he says the reasons for the gathering include what he calls a misuse of public funds, favoritism and the illegal banning of some Camden County residents from county property.

He also agrees that social media is driving public opinion more and more these days “but at the same time now, we have this ability to stay in touch with people who are acquaintances who have helpful information and pretty much everyone can shoot video on their phone, so many times were able to just go directly to the source most of the time.”

KRMS News has reached out to Commissioners Hasty and Williams for comment.

We’ll pass along more details on this developing story here on KRMS.

Local News Politics Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

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