The Camden County Commission is showing unity in standing up to the Biden Administrations new vaccine mandates.

“We’re all 3 dead set against this” says Commissioner Don Williams, “This has to do with taking away people’s freedom of choice…their freedom of Liberty.”

Presiding Commissioner Greg Hasty says his first call after learning about Washington’s vaccine mandates was to James Gohagan, then the three Commissioners then set up an executive session to talk things over.

“Based on my conversations with all 3 county commissioners….we agree, that we would all 3…rather be removed from our offices, before we will back down from this unconstitutional mandate from this President regarding these vaccinations” says Hasty, “If you look at our COVID rates, they’re no worse than anywhere else. They’re actually better! We’ve had 105 deaths, so far in our county of 4 or 5 thousand. The deadliness of this virus, that we’re seeing statistically in Camden County….doesn’t reflect what they’re trying to tell us.”

Hasty tells KRMS News he had COVID earlier this year, and while he says it was difficult, he still supports the right of all Camden County residents to make their own decision on whether or not to take a COVID shot.

In statement on Facebook, James Gohagan indicated he will stand firm in his decision “Citizens of Camden County, I will never agree to force you to put anything into your body against your will, that applies for county employees as well. My vote will always be no.”

Don Williams says he’s questioning some of the COVID data he’s been following, like health experts saying a 50-to-75-percent vaccination rate would bring on herd immunity from COVID “75% of the Population has already had the first shot….53% of the population have had both vaccinations for COVID. So, we’re already approaching herd immunity! So…what was the motivation for President Biden to pass this vaccine mandate?”

Hasty says he also stands by the decision to open the county in the summer of 2020 after a 30-day shutdown before tourism started “One of the things we all discussed was…if it was as bad as they said it was going to be, there wouldn’t have been a need for a shutdown or any further orders because no one would have been going anywhere. Everyone would have been hiding out.”

Instead, Hasty says Camden County has flourished since last summer and that it also became a model of what the rest of the U-S should have done.

The Camden County Commission is waiting to see if state legal action will adequately protect county residents, or if it will have to take its own legal action against Washington, DC.

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