Commissioners in Camden County are reviewing a safety inspection done by the City of Camdenton on a new office building.

The report shows several areas the need some work.

      NEWS-01-26-2021 COMMISSION BUILDING 1 - 26th January 2021

First district Commissioner James Gohagan tells KRMS News the county plans to address all issues sited in the report released last week.

      NEWS-01-26-2021 COMMISSION BUILDING 2 - 26th January 2021

Gohagan says there’s no timetable on when the repairs will be completed.

You can see the entire report sent by the City of Camdenton to the commissioners by clicking here.


Additional Information:

The Commission is set to meet this morning at 10AM for a regular session.

Items on the agenda include a name change for Circle Ranch Road, Tax Abetments, A Resolution of another freedom ordinance and a building appraisal.

The meeting will be held inside the old courthouse and it is open to the public.

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